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Watara Travell-Mate

Another handheld by Watara, looking to spin-off the Supervision. Taking on the physical body from their GB-2000 handheld, this little known console hold a high value among video gaming collectors.

This is as rare as you can get, despite it being under Watara which had the Supervision along with it. You know, I'm not sure if it's because the costs of marketing or something else, but it seems the company's inconsistency attempting to keep up with Nintendo's Game Boy really made them produce the same handhelds but branded differently. Also, look at the bottom right corner of the box as it reads "Original WATARA Seal of Quality." That stamp is styled the same way as Nintendo's "Seal of Quality" sunburst stamp. Watara couldn't create their own style?

If you've seen pictures of the Supervision, let alone read our review, you'll notice this variant is very much a clone of the Supervision GB-2000. Only difference is it's a lighter gray with yellow buttons. The cartridge for the games are also the same design but are "cross compatible," if you will, with the other Supervision/Quickshot games.

The quality of the screen is a tad better (not by much) but it, too, suffers from motion blur. It gets hard to look at while playing, especially for high-motion games related to racing, block breaking and such, for example. Also, if you have the rare but ugly Supervision TV-Link, the games are compatible with it as well.

There's really not too much to say about it, other than being another differently-branded handheld under the same company. I suppose the lesson learned is how important marketing is when distributing your products and/or services. Depending on the choices of marketing, it can be expensive, however that's why you need a proper and solid business plan. Nevertheless, Watara tried and gave it a shot and at least made its mark in video gaming history.

Just a little note: Being born and raised in the United States of America, naturally learning American English, we spell it "travel," not "travell." It's tough as to what is the correct spelling for certain words nowadays, like is it "travelling" or "traveling?" Perhaps the name "Travel-Mate" was already trademarked, and they forcefully just added another "L" since they possibly didn't have time to ponder another name for a handheld. Alright, anyway, I'm getting off topic here....

It's a very rare handheld from Watara and something I truly recommend for your video game collection. Other than that, it's not too much different from the second Supervision model.





  • A Game Boy-like body.
  • Bigger screen and louder volume.
  • Compatible with the Supervision games.
  • An international, low-cost version of the Supervision.
  • A rare treat to diehard video gaming collectors.
  • No backlight.
  • Not as common as the Supervision.
80% (B-)
Fan Rating
Game Console Watara Travell-Mate
• Jumbo Display
• 70mm X 70mm Dot Matrix LCD
• 25600 Pixel Resolution
• High resolution and 4 grey level
• Built-in video controller
• Powerful CPU and micro-processors with special customer design
• 4 output channel with sound and voice stereo effect
• Interchangeable game cartridges
• Communication interface and 4 data lines for interconnection feature
• Four directional control plus screen contrast and earphones volume control
• Can enjoy and play anywhere ---TRAVELL-MATE
ISBN / Bar Code number (????)
Video Format 1.33:1 (4:3) Full screen
Audio Format Mono
Region Compatible NTSC, PAL
Released 1992 (US, EU, Asia)
Video Specification Dot Matrix ("Black & White") / Color via Supervision TV-Link
Licensed by Watara
Company Watara / QuickShot
Product / Item Number (????)
Model Number No. 9109
Other Console Versions Quickshot Supervision, Supervision GB-2000, Hartung SV-100, Magnum Supervision
Quoted Reviews --
Other The Supervision was originally released in Hong Kong to compete against Japan's Nintendo Game Boy.


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