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Morongo Hotel & Casino

Having visited a modest, but growing, casino in California, it is then I learned that the last time I visited this place was back in 2011. Roughly eight years later, things have only improved for the casino standing strong at Cabazon, California.

The pictures aren't much but that's because photography generally isn't allowed inside casinos. With that being said, you may personally want to check inside the casino itself and the new renovations taking place. It's getting better compared to how it was back in 2011.

Perhaps the highlight of my trip here was testing my luck ultimately playing video poker for the very first time (the first and only games I've played was blackjack and slots). Much to my curiosity and eagerness, finding a good machine with a good seat to play video poker took albeit some time and patience before pressing my luck. I'm no high roller but I did manage to win $45—nothing too major.

I feel we all work too hard to keep ourselves above water that we forget to make room in having fun. In my case, personally, I haven't visited nor hung around a casino since January 2016, and grew up having a huge respect and hobby in casino gaming, thus managing a sub-domain dedicated to it oddly branded GAMINGSOTROS. Lay back, have a drink, eat a meal, let it ride and rub off your worries away: Visit Morongo!

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