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NEW BLOG POST: On Fake People and the reality of their situation!
by Kris Caballero - Sept 22, 2020

This week's blog post involves talking about fake people, how they become fake and what the future holds for them. Using the Mean Girls poster as an example, this post discusses the dishonesty fake people specialize in, and why avoiding them is the best choice. Check it out by clicking here!

NEW BLOG POST: On Happiness and everything in-between!
by Kris Caballero - July 31, 2020

Keeping up with blogging, this time talking about the simple emotion of happiness. What does it take to be happy, and why is it something we "need?" Do we always have to be happy? I tackle what I think about it on this week's FFTS blog!

NEW BLOG POST: On Going From Here!
by Kris Caballero - July 19, 2020

Six years later, we got a new blog post! Talking about what's been going on behind the scenes, going from here. Find out as we plan to blog more frequently to catch up and communicate more with you!

Welcome to the new blog section Food for the Saints!
by Kris Caballero - Apr 11, 2020

Started back in 2014, it's slowly making a comeback here under the KCU Network! Thanks to all who read our original readers from WordPress!