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NEW FOOD REVIEW: Match-Ems® Gummies Candy from Bazooka!
by Kris Caballero - Sept 23, 2020

Keeping it going with our review of another humble product known for their comic strips in their bubble gum packages. They've got a line of gummies now, so check out our review of Match-Ems® Gummies Candy! Not only fun for the kids, but also those who enjoy the mathematical discipline of Combinatorics!

NEW FOOD REVIEW: Skittles® Sweet Heat! Yes, a sweet snack with a spicy kick!
by Kris Caballero - Sept 21, 2020

As long as you're hanging in there, feel free to check out this unique line from our favorite rainbow snack. Check out our review of Skittles® Sweet Heat! Bring a little spiciness to your sweets!

NEW FOOD REVIEW: Hot Cheese Puffs by Nostalgia Snacks Co.!
by Kris Caballero - Aug 18, 2020

While everyone is staying in and binging on their favorite movies and shows, we thought we reviewed a neat snack that once you've satisfied your cravings, you'd have finished the entire bag already. This is Nostalgia Snacks' very own Hot Cheese Puffs!

NEW FOOD REVIEW: Selma's Fudgy Chocolate Rice Crispy Treat!
by Kris Caballero - June 19, 2020

Hanging in there? We hope so, especially with this lovely treat that looked like it was designed by a beauty influencer. Yes, we said it: This is Selma's Fudgy Chocolate rice crispy treat! Get your sweets on and check it out under "Food Reviews!"

NEW FOOD REVIEW: Brach's Orange Slices Candy!
by Kris Caballero - Apr 30, 2020

We're certain you've tried these snacks before you knew where it was from. Better yet, these gummies won't make you feel guilty, let alone being able to grab a bag and eat during a small break at school or work. Check it out our review under "Food Reviews!"

NEW FOOD REVIEW: CandyWorks' Sour Neon Bears!
by Kris Caballero - Apr 23, 2020

Back and better than before! Starting off with a new food review by a snack that both kids and adults will love. We believe this snack was produced by folks who may have been fans of Care Bears. Anyway, check it out our review under "Food Reviews!"

by Kris Caballero - Dec 21, 2019

We're still here! Under the fantastic KCU Network, we continue spreading the love and dedication to food! Because of the new network, we are working alongside with SPICESOTROS, bringing everything related to food in one place. We hope you enjoy, and thank you for your endless support!