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Jennifer's Artichoke Bread

No surprise: FOODSOTROS has been one of the highest visited sub-section in the SHOWSOTROS conglomerate. We love talking about the food we eat and why; We like even sharing our own recipes, so long as the secret ingredients don't get leaked. Nevertheless, we're always in search for a great recipe waiting to give our taste buds their own Mardi Gras. And who better to do it than with a personal friend of mine Jennifer? Here's her amazing original recipe "Artichoke Bread:"

• Take long bread (French bread works or an uncut loaf), cut horizontally and scoop out the 'spongy' part inside the bread. Don't throw that away!

• That part of the bread is required with 1 stick of [unsalted] butter and 2 to 4 chopped cloves of garlic into a pot

Before heating, in a separate bowl, mix 2 to 4 cups of cheese (shredded cheddar and Jack)
• 1½ lb of sour cream
• 1 jar of marinated artichokes
• 1 can of artichoke hearts

Mix thoroughly

• Back to the pot: On medium to low heat, brown the bread and melt the butter. When browned up and butter melted, add to the artichoke mixture in the bowl

• Scoop the mixture and fill the bread 'shells' with mixture. Bake in the oven at 350° for 30 minutes or until golden brown (oven temperatures may vary)

And there you have it! The taste is creamy, sweet and a chocked full of exponential goodness.

Special thanks to Jennifer for her recipe submission! Check her artwork and paintings on Facebook "Jenn's Wall Art:" https://www.facebook.com/jenswallart.



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