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Royal Gelatin with Cherries

Mmmm gelatin. Hard to resist since it's almost therapeutic to eat. Even when you're sick and unable to eat much, gelatin won't make you feel guilty and fills you up well. Royal Gelatin with Cherries!

Here's our super simple recipe for cherry gelatin with added cherry fruit to spike up that cherry-flavored gelatin! Directions:

1 box Royal® Gelatin (Cherry Flavor)
cook as directed — let it cool until close to egg-white consistency

½ Springfield Maraschino Cherries

— On a loaf pan, place some cherries (drained)

— Pour the cooled gelatin very slowly with the cherries

— Chill and refrigerate overnight to set

— To serve, loosen mold into a serving platter

If you want to be fancy, instead of a loaf pan, pour and prep into a martini glass. When set, top with whipping cream, a sprig of mint and a stemmed cherry!


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