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New Video Game Talk talk article about Apple® Arcade!
by Kris Caballero - June 06, 2020

This new article discusses our take and simple perspective of the subscription-based video gaming platform from Apple®—that is, Apple® Arcade! Due to the mixed reactions, it's a neat little idea and enjoying the games just as much! Here's to you, Apple!

Be safe and stay cool! Thank you all once again for sticking around!

New computer game review with a backstory: Mario & Luigi!
by Kris Caballero - May 20, 2020

While this DOS game may be another knock-off of a popular franchise from Nintendo, the backstory will surely make you more protective of your artistic creations. Nevertheless, we appreciate this game from Mike Wiering of Wiering Software for a job well done! Check it out and read the backstory in our review!

New video game review for the Game Boy: Solar Striker!
by Kris Caballero - May 17, 2020

One of the first shooting games for the Game Boy released in 1990 and produced by Gunpei Yokoi, this challenging shooting game has been easily forgotten by most. See if you think the game still holds up today!

New computer game review and it's a first for the Windows 3.1 system!
by Kris Caballero - May 12, 2020

Marking as one of the games played growing up as a child, we review the first game made for the Windows 3.1 operating system. This is Winwheel—a Wheel of Fortune clone—developed by Russell R. Mueller!

New video game review AND gameplay video!
by Kris Caballero - Apr 25, 2020

Feels so good to be back, doesn't it? We've two—yes, two—goodies up! One is a full video game review of Super Space Invaders for the Sega Game Gear! The second is the full gameplay video of Super Space Invaders for the Game Gear as well! Enjoy both and stay safe as usual!

Welcome to the all new VIDEOGAMESOTROS!
by Kris Caballero - Jan 23, 2020

Being a sub-domain of SHOWSOTROS, we're here under KC Universal Network--a network for everything entertainment and education, under one roof! We're still here! Included with all the talk talk, gameplay videos and unboxing videos, KCUN has shifted video game reviews previously written and posted on the SHOWSOTROS section. Now we're managing all the past and current video game reviews!

As always, thank you for all your endless support! More good stuff to come!