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Type of Game Not Worth Buying (Pirated Games)

Since old, classic games are obviously not in production anymore, it is best to venture out to online ads, auction websites and/or even chat with members in video game forums and snatch up a modest deal with some of them. While I was curious in shopping for any cool games/consoles that I may be able to pick up for a great price, I've been running into this ad being posted periodically. The ad above is a real ad featured on Craigslist: someone selling a Game Boy game for an outrageous $100. Yes, one Benjamin Franklin bill.

Craigslist video game seller: Nice try, buddy.

Ads like these prove why people don't do their research. If you live in the vicinity of this seller, and wanting to build your video gaming collection, NEVER EVER get sucked into buying this. Why? Pointers:

• The top of the game says "GAME BOY" and not "Nintendo® Game Boy" injected into the game. THAT right there is key that it's not an official Nintendo release.
• The game label looks amateurish and low quality. Not even third-party developers would allow their graphic designers to approve such thing.
• Seller says "This Is A Collectible" and "Super Rare." Sure it's rare but in a bad way. Collectible? Not really.
• All these point to one thing: it's a knock-off Game Boy cartridge—a pirated copy of Bomberman (likely the US version). Seller says "Only A Few Were Made." GOOD. Stop the pirated video game plague.
• Charging someone $100 for a pirated cartridge is grounds for a rip-off to happen.

If anything, there's one Bomberman title released in the US titled Bomberman GB. All the other releases of Bomberman for the original Game Boy were released in Japan, but all were legitimate releases.

Unless you review video games and call out pirates for releasing these games, selling them probably isn't the best thing you'd want to do. Do so, and you'll likely get an angry customer complaint, either that or they don't care which isn't good also.

Whether you're a video game collector or not, quadruple check the used games you buy. If it has some funky 'Engrish' writing, something Nintendo wouldn't even approve for release, and if the artwork looks cheesy and amateurish, it's likely a pirated copy. Therefore, keep your wallet in your pockets and don't fall for the scam.

As for the seller who posted that ad shown above (not like he'll read this anyway): Give it up, dude. You have no chance, and don't rip people off like that. Do your research, and read.


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