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Hey Bomberman, WHAT'S THE BIG IDEA?!

Oh nice, you likely have never played this game even if you are a big Bomberman fan like me. Because of the nature and monotony of grid-based puzzle games, represented by one of my favorite characters, there's no chance this game should go ignored. And because I'm a HUGE retro gamer, yeah, this is a must have for other fellow retro gamers alike.

Now during this day and age, technology continues to ascend in improvements and making life much easier (sometimes too easy). With that said, I feel no use to play this on a regular "brick" Game Boy nor any handhelds thereof (very seldom, to cater to that nostalgic feeling), and so, I played this, and strongly recommend, on the Super Game Boy for the Super Nintendo. Having its own custom-made 4:3 screen border of its own, featuring fellow bombermen and bombergirl watching the theater of your gameplay, cut scenes at the beginning and the menu screen, I knew I was in for the long haul. The music gets repetitive but it's fine for me. So there I go...."Story Mode" and there I am, exterminating enemies left and right, advancing to the next world and stage as I go. In case I lose it all, which has happened, it's password helps get me back to where I left off. And then, it happens:

There's a reason I made a reference to the popular series Mega Man. When you're in the last and final level, yes, you have to fight ALL bosses straight in one shot. Luckily, if you've survived this far, you can use the password to get you back to the final level to which I have done numerous times. As a matter of fact, I started playing this game since 2011, and I didn't get back to getting around it until as recently as this 2015 year. Perhaps all that break time, concentration and meditation did some good, even if took so long. Enjoy my personal gameplay fighting the bosses to the very end:

Man I was happy and relieved I finally beat the darn game. However, I have one question: WHAT'S THE BIG DEAL, BOMBERMAN?! AFTER ALL THAT WORK?! I've heard of "insult to injury" but never have I heard "insult to victory," well, not that I've remembered or anything if it was said.

Selfishness may be a negative trait but success must be proven with an item acquired for all that hard work. In this case, Bomberman refuses.

Thanks Bomberman. Thank you very much.


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