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'Alleyway' Rhymes with 'YES Way'

I believe I wrote a little entry back in June 2015 calling out Game Boy's first release Alleyway, and its difficulty in progressing through the game. In fact, the ball often doesn't cooperate well with the paddle, especially when using the edge of the paddle to change the diagonal direction you want the ball to go to.

Not being able to pass Stage 9, there are a total of 24 stages, plus Bonus Stages, totaling 32 stages overall. Played on the first try, and charging through just fine and dandy, here's proof of our gameplay with ending.

Yeah, I know.

The game starts back at the beginning....and keeps going on and on and on. If that one robot was able to get a high score on Pac-Man, I welcome that very same robot to try and finish the game until it glitches. I'm going to guess that this game glitches at around Stage 64. I don't think any human has the time and/or energy to go all out to try and play this game until it glitches, even if s/he gets paid for it.

Anyway, goal complete. Alleyway has been defeated. Let us now carry on.


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