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NEW TALKIN' NBA ARTICLE: Calculating the 2020 NBA season prior to lockdown!
by Kris Caballero - July 11, 2020

We're on a roll, aren't we? We implement the mathematical methods used in MLB and integrate it for the NBA season! These calculations were done prior to the lockdown, due to the worldwide pandemic that caused the season to come to a stop. In response to the allowance of practice in Orlando, FL, check out the numbers we have crunched and see how your team has done so far!

Opened our new section "Talkin' MLB" and talking about Sabermetrics!
by Kris Caballero - July 10, 2020

Opened another section, Talkin' MLB with an article talking about applying mathematics to baseball. We test out the famous Baseball Pythagorean Theorem for the MLB 2019 season! Check it out and see what you think! You, too, can do math!

Opening our new section "TALKIN' SPORTS BROADCASTS" with sports graphics of ESPN Monday Night Football (#001)!
by Kris Caballero - June 13, 2020

I hope everyone is safe and sound during these times, but we sure have decided to re-launch (again) and hoping to secure the series of articles covering it: Sports graphics! We start with ESPN's popular Monday Night Football! Although since the title design underwent various font designs, we specifically are looking at the shield designs. See which one is your favorite, and check it out!

More to come! Take care of each other and be well!

Welcome to the all new SPORTSSOTROS!
by Kris Caballero - Mar 21, 2020

There happens to be a lot going on, but here we are in a newly-designed website! Acquired by KC Universal Network, our operations remain the same. Thank you to everyone's continued support and stay safe!