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NEW COMPUTER ACCESSORIES REVIEW: Apple® Pencil first generation!
by Kris Caballero - Oct 03, 2020

We've reviewed our very first Apple® product: the Apple® Pencil first generation! This truly changed the way we use the iPad, in a good way, and we're sharing our thoughts on what we think so far. Check out our review here!

NEW COMPUTER ACCESSORIES REVIEW: Note Kee's Tablet Wireless Keyboard!
by Kris Caballero - Sept 20, 2020

Although we don't give awards for the products we review, we would've given one to this! A unique but cool accessory that converts your iPad into a full-blown working laptop! Check out our review for Note Kee's tablet wireless keyboard!

NEW COMPUTER ACCESSORIES REVIEW: Game Lab's Vortex Laptop Cooling Pad!
by Kris Caballero - Aug 25, 2020

We're still here! Opening a new section dedicated to everything to accessorize your computers, check out our review of Game Lab VORTEX Laptop Cooling Pad! Perfect for those working tirelessly, especially during this time!

Welcome to the new Electronics Review section!
by Kris Caballero - Apr 04, 2020

Since SHOWSOTROS, we're barely on the cusp of reviewing electronics. Other than that, we're here! Thank you endlessly for your folks' support!