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UtechSmart - 4-in-1 Multi-Function USB-C Hub (UCN 3303-1)

There's no such thing as "too much good stuff." In other words, there are people who know how to do it right, and UtechSmart is no exception. We're looking at the Multi-Function 4-in-1 USB-C Hub—the second product from them we've had the opportunity to check out (our first product review from them can be found here).

Sure, on the surface it's just another USB-C hub, no big deal right? Well, if I said this has a USB-C charger, two HDMI ports and a USB 3.0, how will that compare to others, or the one you currently own? Better yet, how about if I said the surface finish on this is sleek, clean and comes in a variety of colors to compliment your eyes? We say so because our Amazon Basics USB hub is nothing compared to this, triggering a little hint of envy wishing we went with this, but here we are. On the other hand, some of you are thinking, "Kris, we already have that, why do we need this?" You may be happy with what you have, but if reliability, longevity and an item produced by a company that cares about their customers with a support available 24/7, then perhaps some doubts may start to creep in. Honestly, when was the last time a company cared about your concerns, comments and/or complaints?

Compatible with both the Mac and Windows systems, you're basically paying for a multitasker with a solid build that'll last you a long time. Forget those plastic-y finishes, this hub doesn't mess around, while still looking sleek, humble and professional. It's plug and play! No need to download any drivers, firmware updates and so forth; It's ready when you are. Okay, so what makes this different from others? I don't recall a hub able to output to two monitors simultaneously...in 4K resolution each. We're sure there are others but it's probably flimsy and expensive. Why not conserve space with this at a price you can't beat? This hub can convert your laptop into a workable desktop-like system! (Believe it or not, this entire website is managed and produced on a laptop. Yes, we're serious.)

We tested this via images below, starting with the mounting of a USB external hard drive indicated by an LED light:

UtechSmart 4 in 1 USB-C hub, plugged in laptop via USB-C
UtechSmart 4 in 1 USB-C hub, plugged in laptop via USB-C
UtechSmart 4 in 1 USB-C hub, plugged in laptop via USB-C, USB-plugged external hard drive
UtechSmart 4 in 1 USB-C hub, plugged in laptop via USB-C, USB-plugged external hard drive
UtechSmart 4 in 1 USB-C hub, plugged in laptop via USB-C, external hard drive mounted

Another is desktop extension via HDMI:

UtechSmart 4 in 1 USB-C hub, plugged in laptop via HDMI
UtechSmart 4 in 1 USB-C hub, plugged in laptop output to TV

(Note: Our dual monitors were too far from photo box we tested, but it outputs nicely to our TV like so.)

The USB-C charging port works but because I don't own an iPhone, I used my sister's phone as an example and it works great. Where's the picture of it? She'd like to keep her anonymity from posts like these, so respecting her decision, we can honestly say it works and charges as usual. Remember, charging peripherals also uses your laptop's battery so this is good if your computer is plugged in, or if you're on a desktop computer. Nevertheless, this charging port works as another extension of your workflow, say, video chat meetings on your mobile device while you're computing. Efficiency, my friends, efficiency.

Along with this hub, you get an instruction manual, a registration/warranty card and a letter of thanks. Some of you are smirking or giggling at the thought of an instruction manual but it makes sense. Wouldn't you want to know the capabilities of this thing aqnd its compatibility before usage? Here's one: This hub can output to two monitors in 4K on a Mac system, but outputs to one on a Windows. This doesn't mean you can't output to two monitors on a Windows system, period—you can, but in a lower resolution (2K). The maximum output is 4K at 30Hz, which should be enough for the average user. If you're looking for something stronger and higher, you may want to consider the higher-end options from Utech especially if you're gaming or doing creative productions like video editing. Once again, in terms of resolution and output, this should serve enough for the average user, be it at home, school or in the office.

A warranty card? Yeah, because you'd want to maximize your purchases with something that can last you for a very long time, possibly ever. I understand there are times when you purchase something and it doesn't work, but that's because a good company like Utech stand by their products AND care enough to ensure you're satisfied with your purchase(s). With a customer service contact information at the ready, Utech is also willing to listen and help customers if need be. I know I wouldn't be looking at anything else, so I'd make sure to have some sort of brand loyalty with a company that knows the people's needs, caters to it and does a good job doing so. It's 2023, and technology continues to be the hottest industry and yet a competitive market, so it's important to produce something solid. You're reading about one of them right now.

Honestly, as much as I'm trying to think up a critique for this, I can't. (We found two misspelled words on the back of the box, but that's it.) Only tests we were not able to do nor try out is the usage and compatibility with more unique operating systems like BSD Unix, Solaris, AmigaOS, UNIX, and various flavors of Linux (however, on our other review, it does work on the Ubuntu variant of Linux). Since majority of users compute on Windows and Mac, it shouldn't be a concern, unless, again, you work and compute using the said-operating systems).

We can't thank Utech enough for this simple but powerful product. It reminds me never to take peripherals for granted, as laptop ports slowly disappear for whatever reason. I mean, gosh, food shortage, chip shortage, computer port shortage, what's next? ...okay, nevermind, let's not talk about that..

UtechSmart: Smart tech for you! Get yours today! Check this out at https://www.utechsmart.com/index/products/detail/id/13.html!

(NOTE: We may not be open to answer everyone's concerns and complaints about electronics like these, but if you have any questions or need some help, you are welcome to contact us!)

(NOTICE: This item was sent to us personally for review. In no way did our network's communication and involvement with the company alter nor change the perspective and opinions of our review featured here, and is presented as such. Any clarification or confusion, please refer to our review information page for a better understanding of the work being done here.)





  • Plug and play, no firmware nor any software downloads necessary.
  • Humble company.
  • Customer service contact information included.
  • Utech's website sells similar products featuring more ports (up to nineteen!)
  • One of the highest rated computer accessories to this date.
  • None.
100% (A+)
Fan Rating
Brand Name UtechSmart
Item 4 in 1 Multi-Function USB-C HUB
Features SPECIFICTIONS:[sic]
UtechSmart USB-C expansion hub is a stylish and portable companion for your USB C laptops/phones. Simply plug the attached USB-C cable into any USB-C PORT on your device, and the usb c hub is ready for your external accessories. Make your Life Convenienet [sic].

2* 4K HDMI Ports
1* USB Type C Port for charging
1* USB 3.0 Type A port

1* USB C Hub
1* User Manual
12-month warranty
Model UCN 3303-1
ISBN / Bar Code number B07X5KSBNJ
Electronics Category Computer / Laptop accessories
Device Release ???
Quoted Reviews --
Other Scan with the Transparency app 850004875254

Need help with parts, assembly, technical support, or warranty?

Please contact us: service@utechsmart.com

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