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DOS Gaming Ought To Be A Sport

DOS Floppy disk next to a Famicom Floppy disk.

Modern gaming has made such hobby into competition where talented button-mashers can win scholarships and money out the door. However, modern gaming is not without its criticism: voiceovers, cut scenes, convoluted story-lines, reviews harshly written about "bad" graphics and other things we don't care much about (with the exception of lag). Personally, I grew up in an era where whatever game you received as a gift, from parents and/or classmates/friends, you're stuck with it. No matter how bad it may be, you somehow try to find the good out of it, despite the awful [object-oriented] programming. While it is possible to master a game with enough practice and competitions with friends and/or strangers online, I have a perfect idea (which I know will get stolen without crediting me because it just so happens that my idea[s] seem to be that "good enough" to get taken away, so watch this idea come into fruition since you read/heard it here first):

World War DOS.

Enough cries about graphics; It's time the masters of the keyboards/joysticks rise up to the challenge even with the simplest DOS games released. I like to see what amazing DOS pros out there can do with the best and perhaps even the most difficult DOS games released. Like the NES, there are games which are frustrating to play and/or defeat that I feel, I'm sure, the Angry Video Game Nerd wouldn't mind trashing and cussing out the developers for selling such abomination of a game. Hey, challenges are the reason why we play both video and computer games, right?

I can already here them saying, "but Kris, there aren't any good games for DOS anyway so what's the point LOL!" Watch the DOS police raid your residence and confine you in a vacuum-sealed bag, never to continue with your living ever again. There are a hoard of games for DOS (though some physical copies of specific games are much harder to find), and other systems like the Apple ][, Commodore 64 and Amiga to name a few. To bring about the retro computer games into the spotlight, despite the bandwagoners, would be enough to attract an audience large enough to launch this idea into play. Doubtful, it'll be popular enough to be broadcasted on ESPN2 but nevertheless, it's an idea that the Internet audience could cater to.

Prizes? Could be money, scholarships or some rare computer gaming items, or heck, a vacation. As for the contest, it could be monthly or an annual event where retro computer gamers can sign up, compete in qualifying rounds and settle for the ultimate match against the other finalists for the world to see. Speaking of the world, it's not limited to just US residents; Computer gamers across the pond and elsewhere are welcome to compete as well. Let's not get these talents go to waste; We shall showcase them, succumbing to the fascinating aesthetic of competition (if you consider competing an "art").

If you're a bored entrepreneur looking for an idea, yeah, you're welcome. Not enough inspiration and/or knowledge of this niche? Then we'll do it. Investors, marketers, various business executives, fans here at COMPUTERGAMESOTROS and/or SHOWSOTROS as a whole, go ahead and contact me. Retro gamers have talents too, and it's time we show the world how to play/beat these classics we grew up playing from the comfort of our own homes to the classrooms/libraries when it'd be a free day at school with no lectures.

Rise and shine; Make it happen.


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