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The One Game Nintendo Forgot to Release

Presidential Kombat for the Nintendo DS (a parody of Mortal Kombat)

You know when you play a nice game of Street Fighter, chances are good that your buddy or whoever you're playing with seem to always choose Ryu or Akuma? Yeah, well, change those variables and transform the question: with Presidential Kombat, who would gamers constantly choose? Fighters like Sub-Zero and Reptile aren't on this game, but we'd like to see Mortal Kombat fans tackle this unreleased gem. You ought to see that victory dance Barack Obama does when he wins a match—timeless, just timeless.

You name it: company CEOs, celebrities, musicians, A-list and B-list actors/actresses have publicly spoken their thoughts and/or disgust as a result of the 2016 Presidential Election. Compared to the election in 2008, the American people are more active than ever, especially with the advent of social media in making their voices heard, loud and clear. It's February 2017, in writing this, and folks are still talking politics flooding their posts with political memes, jokes, alleged truths behind media journalism, and the billionaires who truly run this country telling president-elects what law(s) to integrate, war(s) to declare against who and what country....it never ends. Nothing wrong with that, since everyone deserves a say and everyone has a voice. While the gold shines, it's best to capitalize before it rusts.

That's where I'm sure Nintendo could have profited it off the people's political banters/praises even before the presidential results were in. That's where they could've prevailed with this game; I mean, it's endless fun seeing the fatalities Hillary Clinton can bust against Donald Trump.

Storyline? Because this features a myriad of presidential characters, they each have their own video game endings when defeating the final boss (i.e. Samurai Shodown). The point of the game is to get our country's leader and exceedingly push their power to own and control everything and everyone, including the vast Universe.

Here's how the game goes: you can choose which president, past and present, dead or alive, and fight against other presidents. Similar to the fighting moves and styles from the franchise itself, you're able to use techniques contrasting with the laws those leaders integrated during their presidency. This means you enjoy the blood and gore, while learning some history which is cool. Along with intense gameplay, again, similar to that of Mortal Kombat, defeating all your opponents unlocks the most evil country and world leaders ever walked on this planet in human history. I'm certain there are some we've all rarely heard of or forgotten about, even back since the start of civilization. After defeating all of them, you go against Mother Nature in a hypothetical dimension where Time and Space don't exist, using the newest area of interest thanks to the idea governing in space: Astropolitics. Let's face it: we seem to think about ourselves....a lot. Since that mindset has carried onto our leaders, Mother Nature, being the final yet extremely difficult boss is an interesting one: show her who really runs everything and why the leader you played as is above her. If leaders run the country and its people, why not brag about the power you have in controlling and owning the laws of nature and everything in it? Something to scoff at yet think about, huh?

Nevertheless, it would've been fun to see something like this. However, like Mario Party, this game guarantees to break friendships/relationships when playing with another person due to its political messages, so you're better off playing this alone. Oh, and this game has a replay feature where you can convert a part of the game into a small video clip to upload to Instagram, Facebook, or convert to GIF or JPEG adding a custom caption for meme making. Man, this game would've been the hottest selling hit which includes tons of features. Note: if you develop homebrew games, yes, you're very welcome; we would like to see it in action!

(Love these funny game titles? If so, more to come!)

Lastly, a hello to you too, Nintendo and Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment. We humbly welcome you and your fellow employees to our website. Feel free to ask us more ideas for video games (contact information link below), and we can discuss business. Seriously.


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