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"Super Space Invaders" (Game Gear)

A great Game Gear release of the popular space-shooting arcade game. Presents a whirlwind of challenges and tough, but fun, boss fights.

It may be as old school as you can get with shooting games, but its challenges still holds up to this day. However, being ported to an "okay" handheld during its day ought to make you think twice. On the Game Boy port of this series, it's just the regular Space Invaders, so what's so "super" about this?

Being that this is for the Game Gear, the game is in color—gorgeous sprite art all over. The opening music for the title screen is as "video game-y" as you can get, knowing that in front of you is a video game and not a musical score to some blockbuster film. You're then greeted with a menu screen titled "Maverick 6 Control," in which Maverick 6 is the name of the fighter you're controlling and shooting with. The menu options are self-explanatory, however during our gameplay, even Normal mode is difficult enough to be played under.

After the options screen, you get another menu screen which are images of the missions you're able to choose. The fact that you only see the images and not the name of the mission kind of makes you wonder. However, from our experience, enemies and bosses on the left are different from missions chosen on the right. We've gotten used to the behavioral pattern of the enemies in missions listed on the left, so although we can say that that's the easiest, it really depends. As the game title says, "space invaders," evil aliens that have invaded space, it is your goal to eliminate any invader that moves. At the end of the missions, you're greeted with a boss fight.

To describe the gameplay, the controls and the graphics as "retro" is an understatement; This is as classic as you can get, yet it's a shame games like this don't get marketed and advertised to give more attention to Game Gear games (compared to Game Boy). While Sega's library is heavy on sports, and its Game Gear didn't sell as well as the Game Boy, doesn't mean there aren't any good games it offered: Behold Super Space Invaders. We feel this is the perfect game to commercialize to modern video gamers wanting to venture into the world of retro.

As with most games, you're finally fighting the big, main boss. What's odd was when the spaceship attacks its beam from the center body, it doesn't actually hurt you. We're not sure if this is a glitch or anything but it makes the final boss fight that much easier: Just dodge its projectiles and bullets and you're home free! Unlike most retro games during this era, it has an ending and we hope you enjoy it despite the tough fights this game has to offer!

While it was set to have a perfect score, the final boss was questionable given its beams didn't attack you. What a challenge it would be if it did! Nevertheless, we don't see why you can't pick this game up and play.

"Wait a minute, Kris, why no gameplay clip on your review?"

Glad you asked because we present to you this:
Super Space Invaders gameplay video

This game is now the very first game to launch our "Gameplay Videos" section here at VIDEOGAMESOTROS per KC Universal Network. We finished with a final score of 220,950. Click the image, watch and enjoy the gameplay, then see and pick up the game for yourself!





  • A revamped arcade classic ported to the Game Gear.
  • Enemies get tougher but are just as fun.
  • Great idea not to play any music during gameplay.
  • Plenty of game options to choose from.
  • Not a particular deep storyline, but does have an ending.
  • Some of enemies get crazy.
95% (A)
Fan Rating
Game Title Super Space Invaders
Description (????)
ISBN / Bar Code number (????)
Video Format 1.33:1 (4:3) Full screen
Audio Format Mono (Stereo via headphones)
Language(s) English
Disk/Cartridge One (1)
Region(s) NTSC
Genre Action/Shooter (Shoot 'Em Up)
Rated (????)
Released 1993 (US)
Video Specification Color
Licensed by Sega Enterprises, Ltd.
Developed by Tiertex Design Studios / TAITO®
Published by Domark
Product / Item / Catalog Number (????)
Copyright Sega and Game Gear are trademarks of Sega Enterprises, Ltd.
Other Formats Microsoft DOS, Arcade (????)
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Super Space Invaders

Conversion by
Tiertex LTD

Graphics by
Jo Myers

Music by
Andrew Taylor

Developed by
The Kremlin

Produced by
Domark Software
on behalf of


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