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Your Points of View versus Others

Meme For Thought about how someone expresses their points of view expecting everyone to agree with them, while attacking others whose views don't fit with their own.

It's no surprise: We all know someone like this who talks and openly expresses about controversial topics, be it online or in person.

Personal perspective is like a polygon: There's more than one side to it. Just because you see, and/or are in favor of, one side and not other doesn't mean your side is the "better" one. Even so, not everyone will agree with your perspective(s), so you either accept disagreements from others in a civilized way, or find something else to talk about....let alone find new friends.

Source: Angry Birds Toons (DVD review at SHOWSOTROS)
Screenshot used under fair use.
Credit: Kris Caballero
Made and created on June 23, 2018.

TEXT: You speak out your personal points of view while expecting everyone to agree with what you said, but when others are given the chance to speak, it's okay for you to attack them just because their views don't fit with your own?

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