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Slot Me Silly #0004: "Double Diamond"

Ever since I turned 21, this slot machine always got my eye whenever I walk through a casino. No joke: I really mean always. It was simple, sleek, sometimes glitter-y, but had a very easy payout. Being that these are one of the classics, right up there with Triple Stars, it's also the toughest to win.

Sure, it has the multipliers 3x, 4x and 5x. In real life, I have hit a big payout having all three land on the payout line (one of the best days of my gaming life). However, playing it on this computer game simulation, I couldn't do it. All in all, it's a difficult game to win on. Slot games like this are the worst enemies to the unsuspecting gamer who has the insatiable urge to keep playing until they win. Be careful, gamers/gamblers.

As usual, here's a video clip of my gameplay. Spoiler alert: It's not an impressive play. Watch:

Mind you, I played this game for another 3 to 5 minutes and barely got a win. It's a very tough game, and for something so easy to play, that's its biggest challenge.

I can understand why, though. When those multipliers land on the payline, regardless of the BAR that, too, lands with it, expect a modest/huge pay day. Here's the stats board along with the lines in which it pays:

Double Diamond stats and payout board
(Click image to view full size.)

Just like a video game, if a game is too tough, I eventually leave it. This is one of those machines where you need to feel incredibly lucky deep in your bones to win something. The diamonds sure are enough to entice the unassumingly eager gamer.

If you've ever hit it big playing this game, let us know in the comments! What was your experience(s) playing this classic machine? What casino did you play this game at?


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