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On Going From Here

Nonfiction books!

First post in six years! Looks like I'll be hanging around here for a bit—not holding off on posting for another six years, though.

Getting rid of my Facebook was the best decision I've made this year, due to the madness and how uncivilized people have gotten. (Forcing beliefs on others isn't the mark of a good citizen/friend. Then again, silence is golden, not 'deafening.') Since then, I've partaken on a discipline that brought about my career change: Computer Science and Mathematics.

While it's easy to shun away these studies, it was the practice of writing code that brought me to like Math as I disliked it as much as the next person. Since most programming languages are written similarly as a math problem, that's when I wanted to push my problem solving skills further and study the subject—yes, even in my own spare time. Like anything you study or do, practice makes perfect, and after all these years, I'm finally able to understand and grasp both Differential Calculus and Integral Calculus (so far), hoping I continue with more practice and studying. It's been a joy, and along with programming, I'm truly enjoying the learning process of it all. While it sure would be nice having the prestige of being called a "mathematician," I'm grasping as much as I can. And that's where I'm going, currently.

I've been sharing this advice with fellow friends: Never invest in something that sucks your energy, misleads you and keeps you occupied for the wrong reasons. For me personally, that meant time spent on social media (Facebook was the big energy drainer for me). It seems you're more focused on staying busy and getting things done when spending less time on social media—more important things to get you closer to where you need to be. I'm hoping that advice will help those who are struggling to take that first step, or those who remained stagnant in their current progress. It can be done! However, I do respect those who can manage social media without getting lost in the madness, which for me, I can't do. Props to you!

While some video projects are still on hiatus, and some where pre-production is on halt, I've been focused on the educational side of things (hence the practice and studying of Math and Computer Science). Going from here, there'll be a lot of references to these subjects, along with, of course, more reviews and blog posts. In short, I'm here on this website if you need me for anything.

Going with the Math and Computer Science likely explains why the two recent posts at SPORTSSOTROS have been math-based (statistics, to be specific). While I've prepped some apps created back in mid-2019, which will be shared soon, writing new ideas for small software makes me feel like myself again.

The creative endeavor of writing and making apps is great, and I can't thank enough to those who share tutorials—those who've written books teaching various programming languages, and the creators of the languages themselves. If you want to know, I've been crazed with the C, C++, C#, Java and Python programming languages. I'll be building my personal portfolio and share what I'm able to create and make out of these.

Perhaps the overall message I'm conveying here is to seek your own peace. Personally, since I was a teenager, I've always wanted to learn and try to interpret everything through problem solving, philosophy, physics, metaphysics and the cosmos to see the big picture—hence the popular, yet 'rhetorical,' questions, "Why are we here?" and "Why is there something rather than nothing?" These are for my own personal research, but also gaining skills that are beneficial for our website or for other businesses, if they so need it. Nevertheless, there's a lot to learn and a lot to question, and I believe we should continue that process of curiosity.

Video creations will continue, but for now, as things are still under limited access around the country, let alone the world, it's an opportunity to make time to educate for the future and beyond.

This is Kris speaking for Food For The Saints.


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