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The Pluses and Minuses of Online Casino Gaming

Sharing our takes of digital casino gaming, as technology continues to grow and improve for us.

Money on online gaming via tablet.

There has been more than enough things said about the 2020 year, and we've sure have gotten to another point in society trying to pick up the pieces and get going. After more than a year, we have found that there are certain pieces which we've actually adapted to and have fully accepted its stature. Whether that's a good thing or not depends on the person you ask, and because working at home seems like a viable choice nowadays, talks of bringing the casino in one's residence, alongside schooling and work, is slowly gaining momentum. Think about it: rising gasoline prices, side effects of virus vaccinations, such as blood clots and/or death, risks of your wallet/purse being stolen, casino fights—it's becoming quite rowdy nowadays (still happening even before the pandemic). We all want to have fun, but in a safe manner without government restrictions overtaking our personal life choices. Since there's no place like home, we're weighing in our own takes about online casino gaming. Internet gambling is nothing new, despite its scary venture scratching surfaces toward the "underworld," but now, it has come to seek sunlight. Question: Would you gamble online?

Because the average person seems to see the glasses half-empty, we'll start with our negative takes on online casino gaming:

Negatives of Online Casino Gaming

Convenience Causing Gambling Addiction Increase

Perhaps things have gotten way too easy and convenient for our own liking, thanks to technology. Who would've thought you can deposit your payments by taking a simple picture of it through your bank's app without having to physically drive to one? Unfortunately, this comes at a price, and having published our own page about Gambling Addiction, such businesses and their hotlines will find themselves increasingly busy with a slew of clients reporting to escape from their psychological trap. Simplicity of online casino gambling may also cause many to be in debt and declare bankruptcy, as if that's not a problem already. Nevertheless, many kids, thinking the games are "just another title in the app store," might be suckered into the fascination of online gambling causing an addiction worse than alcohol and/or drugs in general. We see this in contrast to online shopping, yet many folks, including news media, fail to report shopping addiction. Would that be considered a bad thing too?

Susceptive to Glitches and Delayed Payments

If there's anything I've learned about online gambling, especially reading about people doing online sports gambling internationally, it's that payouts of big winnings start getting very sketchy. With a big win comes hidden tracking and geocaching of the payer unwilling to give out the winner's 'fair and square' achievements. Now, yes, casinos are often quite honest with a patron's winning. However, there have been complaints of customers winning then the casino authorities claiming it's a system glitch, refusing to pay out the person's luck. With casino gaming fully online, that'll be a tough one to prove unless you record your gaming activities which, to the average person, might be too much work and unnecessary. Besides all that, software stability and security is a HUGE must. The casino making excuses not to give the winner their big payout? That's a complicated issue, but I truly think casinos ought to pay their winners. Business is [still] business, right? Make your customers happy, and pay them if they won.

Security Issues and Behavioral Tracking

You know by now that smart devices, like your TV or cell phone, and big websites such as Google and various social media platforms like Facebook, track their users' behaviors and clicks. Privacy has long since been a controversial issue, albeit a complicated one. I say so because of the rate of crimes that begin online. This case seems to be "the exception to the rule" when it comes to online casino gaming. How do casinos know that there isn't a sketchy patron trying to cheat the system? While casinos can't always assume such thing for every customer, it definitely will happen. Your privacy and bank-related activity will become a concern as casinos slowly become widely available on the internet. After all, those advertisements and comps wouldn't be possible had it not tracked your cash outs, games you play often and how much you gamble on average, right? While a vast majority of people wouldn't mind, it's something to think about, especially since businesses, big and small, can become an easy target for security breach. Whether businesses allow that on purpose or not can be discussed and debated some other time.

Available Third-Party Patches to Hack the Games

I watched, and recorded, a documentary featuring George Joseph years ago talking about various casino cheats and cheaters pulling off a fast one. I also watched those two men who hacked the bingo game to win the casino's biggest payout. I'm amazed at how far human beings go to cheat the system, in the name of greed and winning. No one likes to lose, let alone be a sore loser (sore losers do nothing but talk the talk anyway). This means that citizens who are locals, out of state and even international will craft secret and hidden downloads for the needy-greedy gamblers wanting to sneak a big win with little effort. If I may say, I still don't understand why there are websites with available downloads claiming they have all free software, then when you download and install, it's a virus infecting your computer (something I don't advise anyone doing). All those websites do is clog the internet, but such sites will increase and be available to those desperate enough to play a game to snag a big win, assuming the patch's coding is unbreakable. When I think of unbreakable code, I think of quantum cryptography—a technological advancement that may take several human lifetimes to break. If online casino security hasn't gotten much to do, they will now, and may also need to hire a cornucopia of white hat hackers, along with central agencies themselves, to guard, track and report any suspicious activities that may occur. Sounds like a big, tough and huge responsibility, but better to get an honest paycheck than to get sweet-talked by a cheating gambler promising to make you rich if you sneak in information for him.

No Sight-Seeing Possibilities

Okay, so it's not always about gambling a piece of your personal finances for a chance to win more than what you earn annually. In casinos, there are areas where you can unwind, eat and let your hair down all while sub-siding the casino floor noise of various folks having fun playing on both video machines and the tables. Bars in casinos have gotten so sophisticated that many people frolick over to a casino's bar without even spending a dollar in a casino, as the same goes with their restaurants and buffets. However, as many would know, to get some of those neat places completely free means playing some games through your membership card to acquire some of those complimentaries. It's a decent tradeoff, though it has been proven mathematically that casinos giving away free food opportunities won't make a dent in their annual earnings. For me personally, basking in the noise of the slot machines, the "tick" sound of casino chips on the tables stacking on one another and the glasses "tinking" with another glass filled with ice and liquid, makes me feel relaxed. It's fair to say that a place like Las Vegas is my second home, since my family spent a good amount of time there with our other relatives so I grew up with such sounds. Also, people appreciate beauty and their artistic structure and makes for a great time to take pictures/video and enjoy the energy, people watching and embracing the lights and colors that make a place like Las Vegas a fun destination to hang out at (heck, even the late great Huell Howser went to explore Vegas on his show Road Trip with Huell Howser). Other than that, there's a lot to see and enjoy, and you can't get that if a casino pursues their business operations online.

Quite a bunch to think about and take in, right? Even though security continues to get better and better, it's still open to vulnerabilities. Delayed payouts and glitches may also be a concern due to internet speed, but the customer claiming that or the casino making excuses not to pay makes that a tough issue to discuss. However, you can't argue with gamblers still thinking cheating methods are open for testing. If there's anything I've learned about casino cheating, it's considered a felony in the state of Nevada, including any cheating device whether it was used or not. To this day, the law still doesn't terrify casino cheaters wanting to garner as much money as they can, along with ruining the game for others at their own expense. Heck, I'm betting that lethal execution may not even cause these cheaters to piss their pants.

If only iPad can dispense money...

You might be thinking, "well, Kris, casinos may have to purchase high-end un-hackable computer equipment to keep us safe." As someone who studied computer science alongside Video/Film Production since high school and college, I've got to be honest with you: There's no such thing as an "un-hackable" computer. The only thing that makes a computer unable to be broken into is their security software, and how strong the code is programmed to prevent those vulnerabilities. One may suggest to use a Linux or a Unix operating system, but the computer's security heavily depends on the systems programmer and their extra-strength coding, making sure there aren't any loopholes. If you're truly concerned about the usage of our tax dollars and where it's been spent on, you may want to spread word on hiring top-quality systems security engineers and programmers at your local city, in the case that online casino gambling is something you're in favor of.

Alright, now we'll talk about the positives of online casino gaming:

Positives of Online Casino Gaming

Pandemic Proof/Socially Distant

Okay, so "conspiracy theories" are a thing now, and as crazy as they've sounded to the average person, it seems there's some truth to it. While we're not certain what may happen in the future, or if "something is being planned," we're sure that casino gambling online is a sure-fire method of being able to play your favorite games without the stress of lockdowns and/or any illnesses being broken out and spreading. For me, I totally didn't mind the social distance. Why? There's nothing more annoying than playing a machine all by yourself, and even though there are so many other options out there, a complete stranger comes over and sits right next to you...of all other empty seats. I will never understand why that happens, and that always gave me the creeps. Anyway, if safety is a huge concern, the casino will always be available on your phone or tablet.

Odds of Wallet/Purse Snatching is Zero

Even though it's 2021, at the time of this writing, personal belongings being stolen still happens. Ever heard of the term "rail burn?" That's when a patron sneaks by a craps table, and steals someone's chips off the chip rack. According to security, they're always caught on camera and arrested. Wallets, purses, prized belongings or even being sweet-talked by an attractive stranger using their words to make you spend money on them, yes, it happens even today. Currently, inflation is on the rise, and buying a burger at a fast food place for $20 doesn't seem like the best option. With that said, having to gamble your finances and watching every penny is crucial and important, and having your credit cards disappear sounds like a frightening reality. It's nice to know there are much safer options, and gambling online in your own home is one of them. If you were to go out, just make sure you don't lose your tablet/phone!

Money Saved on Hotel/Travel Fees

I've said it earlier on the article, and I'll say it again: Business is business. We're all trying to breathe and put more than one plate of food on our tables. However, some fees are unncessary and irrelevant that they throw off one's budget when making plans to hang around the casinos. The amenities that go along with the hotel may not satisfy one's cravings, unless that person is one degree away from death by hunger. I mean, come on, a three-ounce bag of potato chips for $8? How old is that bag of chips anyway? No wonder some of these items in hotel rooms gather dust, paving the excuse in denying food waste (we here at KCUN strongly preach about stopping food waste). While other fees are understandable, like extra towels, robes, pillows and the like, I feel that some of these extra payments should be stripped off to make sure casino patrons feel right at home. Unless these fees favor the health, safety and the providing of bonuses for the casino patron and their well-being, there isn't much a reason to pay for them especially if you're there for other reasons besides gambling. However, if you just want to gamble without all the bells and whistles, the casino being online is very available.

No Parking Fee Worries

We published an article back in March 30, 2019 titled "The Case with Las Vegas Strip's Parking Fees, and joked that those fees are for the casino executives to help pay off their Netflix subscriptions. As casinos like MGM announced upon their re-opening, effective June 1st, that they were bringing back parking fees. I'm still misunderstood about the meaning behind it, and why it's a necessary business move. Are the parking garages made with Panini's sports cards, and are highly valuable, such that every square inch should be treated with care? I mean, heck, I wouldn't want my car's tires ruining an exclusive autograph card of Tom Brady, which includes his jersey patch, a diamond from his Super Bowl rings and one strand of his facial hair. Even Las Vegas locals aren't in favor of the fees, and despite that casinos need a huge rebound from the pandemic, it's only a matter of time when they raise those fees. Nice to know that you're spending money before spending money, huh?

Available at Your Convenience

So many to take in when weighing out the pros and cons of online casino gaming, and it seems that safety is the biggest concern for the average person. This makes sense since we're not really bothering anyone, and people respectfully gives others space if need be. However, there will always be that someone whose egos and insecurities grab hold of their mindsets and trying to make it worse for everyone else. While it is legal for someone to hate themselves and blame everyone for it, these people are the outcasts that society has no need for. Once again, these people's antics costs people's well-being, their finances, their winnings and even their lives. While America will never be as well-behaved as Japan, the country with the lowest crime rates in the world, it still happens from time to time. It does get chaotic out there, and sometimes, without even thinking about it, the casino is right there at your fingertips without fearing for your life, your belongings getting stolen or being harassed by someone who hate themselves so much that they've held you responsible for it. We're all just trying to live, and it sucks when a dingbat comes by and ruins it for everyone else (I don't blame them since county jails need people).

Now that things are beginning to feel like where we left off in the early parts of 2020, it's important to think about these possibilities going forward. What ever might happen in the future, be it another pandemic, a global/electrical blackout, cyberattacks, or unsafe surroundings caused by rotten people, being safe and planning ahead is key. There's only so much we can comprehend with options available at the ready, and if this means staying home fully stocked on food, water and a portable generator to ease off the misanthropic happenings, you may as well do so. The same goes with online casino gaming. While it will be just as safe and stable as online shopping, there's more money being played off and gambled frequently.

If you're a casino patron, be wary of any risks and vulnerabilities, making sure you're well-versed in computer technologies before securing your casino gameplays (ask for help, if you need to). If you're a casino owner/executive, use whatever power you have to deter some of your revenue, and possible tax dollars from citizens to improve systems security. While cyberattacks are on the rise, and rumored to target the planet's electrical grid, make it an urgent plan to set out any or other options to counteract the attacks without possible loss of data, information and any company secrets that may be open to leaks, even offline. We take electricity for granted, and it's the driving force that keeps us afloat. Whether anyone thinks that's something to fear or it sounds crazy, take it from us and play it safe. It has to get worse before it gets better (I don't like saying that), but business will be fine and dandy when we can fight off the risks that come along both your way and our way.

If any of these suggestions and/or advice has helped you in any way, don't be shy in letting us know about it. I love casino gaming, and you can thank my family for having us grow up in the desert filled with happy lights and an energetic ambiance that will forever keep me sane and satisfied.

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