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On Not Being a Fan of Movies

What movies?

Some of you are probably asking why this is even a topic of discussion given that almost everyone has watched, and enjoyed, a movie at some point in their lives. Perhaps the film gripped you in such a way that you may never experience in real life, or one that you enjoyed so much you memorized everything line by line. Then there are fans wishing they could live in the movie since it portrays a story and/or world they wish to live. Of course, sadly, there exist movies which are terrible and a waste of time, despite that there are those who have a guilty liking to it. Nevertheless, it's a great hobby—visual story-telling designed to stir your emotions every which way. Sounds good, so what's the problem?

Watching movies is fun. Therefore, you must watch them too.

All my life, I will never understand why people get offended when they suggest a hobby they like you. While, personally, I'm open to suggestions, I feel like I'm living in a way where I'm happy and stable; If any other worries come my way, that's on me. In this case, when it comes to watching movies, it's fine with me though I don't see myself doing so everytime. How can I say such a thing when I'm hosting a website that reviews both TV and movies? Funny how the quesiton is asked because I've made this an ample opportunity to watch more movies. For the record, I watch more TV than movies. Perhaps it's because I don't have the patience to sit through a two-hour movie over a story I could've read in book form. Also, perhaps it's in my Southeast Asian heritage—Filipino—growing up in a household that prioritizes education and being financially stable. Those are two things I notice parents of my fellow classmates at school don't really teach their children. Granted, yes, everyone is different but this is what I learned from my own parents—finance tips and the love of learning, which are things I may never ever get from watching a movie.

The discouraging thing about watching movies is that people around you assume you watched the recent release, yet get upset when you tell them you never watched it. For me, I have other forms of entertainment I enjoy such as video games, nonfiction books, writing (on this website, especially), and staying in touch with family and friends. I don't expect much out of Life except to live and to learn. There are so many things on this planet, and this Universe, that I feel it's almost impossible to explore and learn everything in one's lifetime. In other words, learning and appreciating Nature is just better and more fun for me.

Great, so what's with you talking about movies and not wanting to watch them, even if you make time to review them?

The problem I have is other people making me feel guilty for not watching a movie that's been recently released, or a movie they like. My personal tastes and hobbies are, well, "nerdy," to say the least without the aid of movies. I enjoy the things I learn about education, Nature and everything there is that make us who we are. I barely get that from movies, which is why I'm not anxious about the next release or any summer flicks coming up. The ability to learn about our human lives and the place where we currently inhabit fills me with joy. Learning how to garden or create an app from scratch? I find those exciting too.

The biggest gripe I have about not watching enough movies is others making you feel like a total bore just because you haven't watched the popular hits like Star Wars or something. I never watched the movie not because I don't like it; I never watched it because I don't have time, and because it's so commonplace among fans that I feel there's nothing new or fascinating about it. If I wanted to watch something, I'd appreciate it if it were underrated—the "gold mine" that no one has discovered. Besides that, the way my mind thinks about a film like Star Wars is that it's very space-based, so for that, I'd go out of my way to pick up books on Astronomy, Planetary Sciences, and Physics. Granted, it has nothing to do with the premise of the film, but that's how my mind interprets that.

Everyone deserves to enjoy what they like. I grew up being excluded out of groups because they would find out I never watched movies they like or the latest ones out in theaters/streaming. It's an awful feeling thinking you're "less of a human being" just because you don't partake in the things other people enjoy. Nobody should feel bad for living their lives. If it makes them happy, let them be. Even though this website has given me a chance to explore movies old and new on my own personal exploration, I wouldn't have to feel bad about watching them...finally. Nevertheless, while there are some discussions involving people asking folks out there who doesn't watch a lot of movies, those online threads can happily include myself in it. Why? Even though I watch for the sake of discussion and review here on this website, I'm living well without it. I feel Nature has much more to offer than another movie from a producer/director whom I'll never meet, let alone the talents that appear in them. Other than that, if you're someone who also doesn't watch many movies, don't feel bad especially with what other people might say about you. You're living Life just fine.

This is Kris speaking for Food For The Saints.


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