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"Oh, baby, yes."

An original meme showing the sexiness of the Coca-Cola truck while 'someone' stands in the way of it.

There's nothing more sexy than the sight...of a Coca-Cola truck. Honestly, it's been a rough two years for all of us, so chillin' out to a cold, brisk Cola is the best way to let your mind free.

You know what sucks about Cola? When someone stands in the way of it, trying to garner some attention they probably don't deserve. Listen: Insecurity isn't a trait to be proud of, it's a problem. Get help. Besides, this is why they have beaches for a reason; How about traveling to one? Let the people who enjoy Cola relish their moment, and stop giving people unwarranted attention that could potentially get you in trouble. However, when you do, you suddenly play the victim card, don't you?

Hail, Coca-Cola! We apologize that someone stood in the way of your beautiful truck. The taste of Coca-Cola isn't fake either, like, you know, how some people are...right?

Source: eBay
Image used under fair use.
Credit: Kris Caballero
Made and created on November 06, 2021.

TEXT: Oh, baby, yes. That Coca-Cola truck is hot!

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