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Fraudulent Dreamers

An original meme showcasing the new term 'fraudulent dreamers,' who are people that want to pursue a particular career but don't put in the work to achieve it.

We know someone like this—someone who aims to be some kind of artist (painter, musician, writer, etc) but sits around hoping others will do the heavy-lifting for them.

(A "fraudulent dreamer" is someone who hopes to pursue a particular career, yet nullifies the effort and hard work required to get to the path of complete achievement. Depending on who, these "fraudulent dreamers" expect these achievements to already be given to them without doing much. They say and do this to acquire a specific kind of respect, a special kind of attention and to get something they probably don't deserve.

Special thanks to former colleague Saryana for creating the term!)

Source: Angry Birds Toons (DVD review at SHOWSOTROS)
Screenshot used under fair use.
Credit: Kris Caballero
Made and created on October 14, 2018.

TEXT: Not sure what the point of telling everyone your life plans, and expecting them to achieve it for you.

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