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KCU Network Upgrades to 4K!

KC Universal Network Upgrades to 4K with a Panasonic GH4!

It is to our excitement that we bring to our viewers, workers, conglomerates and fans of our network about this news: We have made a subtle move to upgrade to 4K! Keeping up with the increasing demand of entertaining, as well as educating, we want to project more visual goodness along with an extended longevity of our content in the years to come. Furthermore, digitizing and archiving for potential 4K/Blu-Ray releases will be easier than ever.

Over the course of the decade, despite this 2018 year set to be the ten-year anniversary of SHOWSOTROS Productions, lots have been maintained yet balanced to keep steady with new projects, new collaborations and a personal life, this upgrade becomes the biggest shift in the network's history. Looking to creatively stay within budget, while executing means to produce feature-length films for the first time, it makes sense to acquire the best possible choice to make that all happen.

Also, due to this, shows such as Beat Chatter and Handheld Niño, originally shot at 720p, will now be shot at 1080p for the new episodes in production, big thanks to the camera's ability to shoot 60 progressive frames at 1080.

Once again, this excitement couldn't have happened without the support and viewership from every single one of you. However, there will be a delay in releasing new episodes and new reviews on the websites, but however, there's a few currently in queue and ready to post and upload. Big thanks for your patience but also, big thanks for sticking around!

Here's to a great and fabulous new year!

This article has been written and posted on January 21, 2018


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