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PODSOTROS! Eyeing Comeback for Season 2

After being in hiatus since 2013, SHOWSOTROS looks to jump ship into the art of podcasting going in production for a brand, new season of its official podcast series PODSOTROS. Since then, major improvements have come about.

SHOWSOTROS has adopted and included a new software along with a top-notched microphone for better, higher-quality sound for the new season. This new equipment will also be crucial to narration and voiceover work in the coming future. Along with the new equipment, drastio changes and improvements in vocal projection has taken place, thanks to a current "9 to 5" job which involves public speaking.

As for the topics, PODSOTROS hopes to discuss more real-life topics along with mediums in the entertainment umbrella. However, such topics will not include topics in politics, although there may be a possibility that discussions may slightly deter in that direction, so long as the talks don't go off topic.

In addition to this comeback, the show looks to include guests to further discuss such topics and thus share each other's views and knowledge.

This article has been written and posted on May 16, 2017

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