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Major Network Changes Coming Soon

Major Network Changes Coming Soon!

After a bit of a dry spell, founder Kris Caballero, recovering from a mental health and internal bodily issue, has done a fair amount of reflection and is looking to implement them on the network website. Due to his jumping back and forth between his plans, Kris is hoping to strictly stick with what got him in this area in the first place: computer science and math.

Having announced it back in 2019, reported in this news article, the plan fell through despite the negative reactions. After a fair amount of time, jumping back to the plan has gotten stale and Kris plans to leap back (again) on the science and math realm. According to the founder, who has obtained a introductory professional certification on Quantum Computing, Kris feels that information, data and the sciences behind it will be the future as he thinks his plans to continue video-based entertainment is getting slim. He feels the need to encourage, educate and inspire those who feel anxious or uncomfortable about subjects like math, and to try and kick up ways to make the problem-solving art fun to do.

I've been hosting my own websites since 2004-2005. I didn't plan to try and create something more dynamic until around 2008-2009 where I introduced myself to Java and C. The more I practiced with the books I bought, the more curious I became. Even further, programming became the main reason I wanted to rekindle my feelings and thoughts about Math. Yeah, I used to be one of those who hated Math, but it's been growing on me. While there's a lot to be said about our education system, I feel it wouldn't hurt to launch a dedicated platform talking and going over various Math topics. In other words, I'm willing to learn while I'm teaching and sharing. The community among the Math learners, experts and students are very friendly and rich with those willing to share their ideas, and I feel it's the best area to be in.

The network plans to open a dedicated sub-domain based on Math and everything about it. As for the other sub-domains, KCU Sports Network plans to shut down before the end of this month, going back to a section on the front page of the website. Gameplay Video section will also close by the end of this month. KCU Podcast Network plans to close and will be redirected to KCU + Plus sub-domain for all podcasts. Since Videomaking is becoming a thing of the past for Kris, the section will be given an ample amount of time before closing by the end of this year.

This article has been written and posted on July 16, 2022


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