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KCU Network Transitioning to Computer Technologies—Will No Longer Produce Film-Based Projects

Because updates have been sparse during this mid-April, the network has summed up their decision changing the company venture to computer technologies. This transition has been discussed and agreed upon the founder and senior editor, due to the ever-changing landscape and personal self-growth. According to the president, it's the focus on contributing to the good of our human necessities.

"No doubt, it feels like losing a friend leaving (video production) entertainment industry behind. I've been self-studied in videomaking since I was 14 years old and had lots of freelance experience. Roughly at the same time, I've taken a huge interest in building websites, and never got started until I hosted my own blog back in 2005 (thanks to Tripod and Yahoo! Geocities). Since then, I hosted a fan website for a popular Philippine noon-time show Wowowee which ran from 2007 to 2009. My interest in website building, and programming in general, never took off until 2009 (despite hosting SHOWSOTROS Productions since 2008), and after losing at a local film festival in 2010, I felt I wanted to leave video production completely. Wanting to give it a big, second chance at it as recent as 2013, things have barely gotten off the ground, as Life got more and more serious. It is now I announce that perhaps, it's time to change my focus and the direction of our network company.

I came to this decision after watching a political commentator on YouTube answering questions from college students. One student, going off-topic, asked the commentator about career advice for graduates after college. His advice was to be realistic pursuing the smartest decision, nullifying the suggestion in following your dreams. Hearing that gave an open opportunity for Life to uppercut me in the jaw, putting me back in my place and wondering where I'm going with my work. After days of self-reflection and realization, the notion of loving problem solving, teaching and sharing knowledge that, more or less, will inspire people of any age is what I want to pursue. No subject presents that better than Mathematics, Logic and Computer Science—subjects majority of former classmates despised and often shrug off. All these subjects intertwine and play a huge role in various disciplines both in academics and in real life.

As for the beauty of video production (filmmaking), I may or may not come back to it in the future. Small web videos will be produced and uploaded on our websites, but big projects for YouTube/production clientele will come to a big close. It really has been fun, I learned about a ton about entertainment and moviemaking, and met lots of people. Since Math, Logic and Computer Science requires lots of analyzing and thinking, it's a sign that the time has come: My work and effort will be invested in computer technology inside out. I aim to learn as much as could, along with lending a hand to those who need it.

Also, we have a brand new website dedicated to everything about computers and the things related to it—stuff I used to work on, programs I played around with, old websites I used to design, social media archives and the works. It will also have a personal biography in my experience playing around and using computers since my age was one digit, thanks to my mother, who almost pursued computer science, and my father who allowed my sister and I to use his work laptop to run programs and play games.

Looking at big, honorable companies like Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco, IBM and such, I feel this is a great time to celebrate technology and everything in it. Technology, here we come!

Finally, I couldn't thank everyone enough during my video production journey. Without a doubt, it was my bridge over troubled water, helping me avoid conflicts, insecurity, doubts and boredom. It's an art that will forever live on, and I will always commend those who were able to make a solid living off it."
— Kris Caballero

As for the websites, everything will still be in tact—reviews, photography, discussions, video reviews, news podcasts and the podcast network. All operations will continue as normal; The network will be favoring and reporting on things related to computer technology.
Videos that already were worked on before the company change announcement will be wrapped up and uploaded as soon as possible on the network's official YouTube channel.

This article has been written and posted on April 25, 2019


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