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"VIDEOGAMESOTROS: The Podcast" in Talks for Season 2

After much speculation, and heavy work behind the scenes, talks of a second season of VIDEOGAMESOTROS: The Podcast are currently in discussion for launch. The format will remain the same, but the scheduling is up in the air, due to the current status of the regulations and rules implemented in today's world.

Instead of three topics, the hosts, Kris Caballero and Kevin Bittar, will reduce their talks to two topics leaving leeway for more commentary and thought-sharing. The video game podcast series has received positive feedback after Bittar took over as co-host in the second episode. Kris said the following on the new, upcoming season:

"Kevin has been amazing since bringing him in for the podcast. It feels less like work, and more like a real chit-chat with a friend who knows about video gaming. Being that I'm very old school, and he's more modern, it feels like a neat mix between the two, talking everything there is about video gaming. Everything flows nicely, and I'm so proud and happy producing projects with KB [Kevin Bittar].

I hope that for those reading this, and wanting to find someone to collaborate with, I hope you get someone as fun and easy to work with like Kevin. It's a blessing."

While speculation has it that projects like this ought to "move on to better projects because this idea doesn't work," Kris and Kevin remain in touch even prior to the new regulations the US has brought out. In relation to life and work, both gentlemen have been wanting to continue talking about video games, bringing the network to report talks of a second season. No word has been out yet on its release date, but due to the workload that both men are currently in at the moment, it likely will come before or after the beginning of Spring. Any such rumors of possible cancellation has been derailed.

According to Kris, this launch of Season Two will be the very first production project in company history to produce another season of episodes.

Currently, the longest running series to date is the Korean pop-themed The SNSD Game Show [2.0] which lasted 19 episodes then ended abruptly, followed by entertainment-themed podcast PODSOTROS: A SHOWSOTROS Podcast which went on to produce 15 episodes. Reports found no recent updates ever since, in producing a second season of PODSOTROS. However, productions have leaked word that an episode of a new possible series SHOWSOTROS: The Podcast has been recorded. The episode was immediately shelved, labeled as a pilot episode, and now is slated as "unreleased." Kris, who was involved in the collaborative project, gave no word or update on the status of the series going forward.

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This article has been written and posted on Jan 04, 2021.


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