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The Network Hires Its First Employees!

Aug 17, 2018 comment(s)
KC Universal Network Has Officially Hired its First Employees!

As time slowly passes by, more moments continue to mark KC Universal history. Officially hired in August 8, 2018, the network took extra measures to expand the rigorous work maintaining pure entertainment and education to the open public—a special place where ideas get brewed from the ground up while showcasing a keen sense of natural talent.

We officially announce the hiring of two wonderful writers for our network to contribute their posts to everyone. Please welcome:

Jennifer Aknin, and
Brooke Mason!

Having been a one-person band throughout the years, the effect has come full circle and thus it is to our pleasure that these ladies have something unique and amazing to add to our already-beefy empire of a company.

"Production has been steadily increasing, and because I couldn't [admittedly] handle all the work, it's a fine moment of perfect timing that I brought in two people who are strongly knowledgeable in the right field—fields in which we share and bring to the planet. I want both our regular and new viewers, readers and fans to welcome these ladies and give them all the support they can get. They're happy and I'm happy; This is truly a historic moment in my personal career that marks the start of something awe-inspiring."
— Kris Caballero, Owner and Founder of KC Universal

While both women are welcome to write on any department/conglomerate on our network, look for them on MUSICSOTROS and on COMICBOOKSOTROS pages! Congratulations to both Jennifer and Brooke, once again!

This article has been written and posted on August 17, 2018


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