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The Seeds of Math - A Free Online Course Currently in Production

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School is back, and it's time to get in the hunt of giving brains a complete workout. The book-laden educational conglomerate The Seeds of Books have finally set plans to launch their own online tutorials and courses in the subject most disliked: Mathematics.

In spite of the efforts in wanting to make the subject more understandable and approachable, due to the fact that the country's educational system seems to cater more into the arts, even though Math can be artistic, The Seeds of Books begs to differ and wants to really make Math inspiring to those wanting to easily solve problems in the real world without undergoing an unwanted headache. In contrast with not being too late to understand and do Math, The Seeds of Books will be working toward a clean-cut, gentle approach to various disciplines of Math, and eventually the more advanced ones.

"Having re-kindled my new appreciation for the science, I wanted to share that new passion and help educate people of all skill levels, and of all ages, about the beauty of Mathematics. While I, too, disliked it as much as the next person, with a few pointers, advice, suggestions and tips, I hope to strive the masses to really see that the subject isn't as bad as others think. 'Good teachers never stop learning,' as the saying goes."
— Kris Caballero

The Seeds of Math will launch some time this month of September, as the website will start with the discipline of [Mathematical] Logic—the foundation of all Mathematics. Because of starting with Logic, The Seeds of Math feels learning to reason through Symbolic Logic and various methods of deductions can enhance one's breaking down of the practices in Math, be it Calculus or Probability, in addition to knowing what notations are used and why they are used.

Fact: This project being shelved since 2014, The Seeds of Math was originally titled MATHSOTROS! until the decision was to move from the SHOWSOTROS! conglomerate to lend the idea and project to The Seeds of Books instead.

This article has been written and posted on September 04, 2017

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