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KCU Network: One Month After Reopening

Undergoing nearly five months of restoration, tidying and merging of all entities under one, KCUN has been on top of catching up with reviews as well as working on long-term maintenance work such as re-digitizing old video projects for the Filmography page. Oddly enough, reopening took place on the date the network was launched—back in April 21, 2017, and reopened on April 21, 2020.

The reopening wasn't because of the worldwide response to the pandemic, as the entire website underwent serious cleaning and rearrangement after Kris Caballero officially acquired both SHOWSOTROS Productions and The Seeds of Books, and all their sub-domains, into one large conglomerate back in mid-November—to share, post and broadcast content in one place. The process of this decision wasn't without its perks: A few video projects have officially ceased production due to both the lockdown and the parting of ways with crew and talent(s) involved; Bidding well the co-host of FOODSOTROS: The Podcast and writer, Brooke Trout; And a fully re-branded focus, setting new horizons on different creative outlets where projects will commence, along with a fresh set of collaborators and business partnerships.

Upon the realization of this new kind of focus, Kris has done some personal reflection as the new website was underway and ready to be presented for all to see. This includes the announcement of the shift in focus reported back in April 25, 2019:

"I take responsibility of my words last year: I wanted to leave video production for good, and pursue my other skill which was software development (potentially towards video game programming). However, there's always that one person who admires your expertise and knowledge that they'd hate to see you quit. That actually happened: Colleague of mine, Geoffrey, who's a professional actor himself, became that person who pushed me back into entertainment. Never did it cross my mind but he knew my backstory as to why I quit, then with his own words of encouragement, got me excited about it again. What are the odds of people doing that?

I've discussed such phenomenon with another filmmaker, and she said the folks she once collaborated with were so bad, she cried and quit. I did quit but I didn't cry. Perhaps I needed more inspirational and more motivational vibes emitted from folks who enjoy and love what they do. Easier said than done, and actions speak louder than words.

Would this be my last chance to pursue video production again? Who knows? Sometimes things find a way back, and for good reason. All I know is I believe Life is about learning, and interpreting your own true self and the hidden forces behind it; I also perceive Art to be an expression of one's self. Be it cooking or painting, the only way people are able to consume your expression is the genuine effort and soul you place into your crafts. If 'you are what you eat,' then I say, 'you are what you sell.' Sell a lousy product, expect a lousy reaction. This may be a sign that I may have not finished expressing my talents, my stories and what I have to offer.

Another problem I've faced was the hype and overuse of the word 'passionate' from potential artists with no portfolio to prove. If they were passionate about the work they put in, they wouldn't spend so much time on social media posting selfies and forlorn tweets about how their day is going. There's nothing worse than someone calling themselves a 'filmmaker' when they haven't produced ONE DAMN VIDEO PROJECT.

It's a huge lesson learned, and an experience to take in going forward. While I'm still immersed into the world of technology, especially Virtual Reality, the art of video has welcomed me back with open arms. I couldn't be any happier with the new collaborators I've sat down and spoken to. The dedication they've shown and proved to me has been truly a gift, and made our business venture much easier. This explains why I'm able to focus completely on work without any weight on my back.

Just for that, I'm currently writing a new web series, while balancing out the reviews and articles on this website. I have other secret projects in discussion that will be reported some time soon as well. Back to work!"

— Kris Caballero

Immediately after the comeback, Kris' excitement has grown since the recruitment of Kevin Bittar—the new co-host of video game-based podcast VIDEOGAMESOTROS: The Podcast. After the lockdown lift, video projects will continue pre-production along with venturing into feature films. As of now, podcasts and reviews continue on the website, even post-lockdown. This new website has brought in new energy as well as new collaborators.

No reports on what the new web series will entail nor any clues to the secret projects in discussion, however, Kris has confirmed he will want to continue past projects that have been on hold for a substantial amount of time. In addition, video game review show Handheld Niño has been on strict hold, due to re-design and re-writing of the show's structure. As for FOODSOTROS: The Podcast, the show is currently looking for a new co-host.

On the education side, reports state that Kris has been recruited as a book reviewer for a book publishing agency. The undisclosed company approached Mr. Caballero back in July 2019 to add to their book reviewer team, impressed with the book reviews posted and written for The Seeds of Books.

This article has been written and posted on May 21, 2020


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