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VIDEOSOTROS! Has Officially Launched

Having been fully self-taught in Video Production since 2001, SHOWSOTROS! has included another area of interest under the entertainment realm: VIDEOSOTROS!. Created back in March 27, the website has now launched with its very first article to bring in visitors and readers who are in the videomaking/filmmaking industry and those aspiring ones currently in school. In other words, VIDEOSOTROS! shares knowledge, reviews, and tips and tricks in creating essential video while making them fun and creative.

Its first article features a review of Grass Valley Edius video editing software for Windows. The article raves about the efficiency and speed in editing with the software, while maintain real-time playback, no matter the computer specs. The only negative is the small number of options in applying special effects, but other than that, it's the software highly recommended to editors wanting to edit smoothly.

Overall, we feel VIDEOSOTROS! is the perfect place to share tips and tricks, entries and reviews in the world of video, videomaking, with included talks on audio and photography.

This article has been written and posted on June 28, 2017

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