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The Seeds of Books Eleventh Year Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to The Seeds of Books!

Today marks the eleven-year anniversary of The Seeds of Books honoring their first book review. After a tumultuous four years in originally hosting a portfolio filled with old video projects started back as early as 2001, this move in reviewing books has drastically improved the online presence of this website since 2008. During that time, The Seeds of Books used to be its own stand-alone website until KC Universal Network came in and consolidated the entire "empire," if you will, and brought everything together in one place—the place you're seeing now. Founder and manager Kris Caballero made so many moves in order to make this happen, along with having hired some writers for the website, but nevertheless, it has grown and matured so much while learning more about the business side of things even to this day.

"It was that 2012 year when I had a lot to research, namely sports. Despite that, what ended up happening was I lauched the website's first review talking about Kana Pict-o-Graphix given the fact that I've never written a review before. I remember thinking to myself recalling all the things I learned in my English/Literature classes in the past, from criticism to sentence structure. As I kept buying books out of pocket, not only did reading become more and more fun but I developed my own voice in telling and talking to people about it. Personally, I've always preferred non-fiction books and because in case the book doesn't click with me, or I don't find it worthy of a review, then at least I come away with something I've learned and can decide if I want to extend my research further.

Anyway, all I can say is time flies. I was at a crossroads wondering what to do, while having done computer programming on and off and was fully focused on video production. I'm in my mid-thirties now, life has changed a lot and now feel fully secure on the direction this website is heading, and The Seeds of Books is no exception. I love reading and it will remain that way forever. This was the reason the website expanded to what it is today. Thank you God for books."
— Kris Caballero

Along the section's growth spurt came the addition of "Book Talk" and "Poems" to extend the interests further. Other than that, Kris doesn't find the need in include any high-end improvements to keep it going. He believes it's doing just fine appealing to fellow bookworms curious to see more titles we have read and checked out.

A Happy Eleventh to The Seeds of Books.

This article has been written and posted on July 14, 2023


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