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Food/Spice Reviews Are Not An Online Store

No doubt that FOODSOTROS and SPICESOTROS have taken the network by storm with visitors' and fans' increasing interest in culinary delights. With an active comment system and increasing viewership, everyone loves a good snack/dinner to dine in.

Unfortunately, this interest has left those with a confusion behind the website's purpose. After receiving emails periodically about the products reviewed on those websites, inquiries have been received about purchasing the products through our website. Because of the full details of products painstakingly written down and pictures of the products taken for presentation, this brought people to think the we endorse the product and we sell them outright.


Because the network is still under planning to launch a dedicated online store, we want to inform our viewers/readers/visitors/fans that none of the products posted for review are up for sale. There is a reason why the websites don't have a shopping cart nor does it give those a chance to create a profile to track your personal purchases. It is not been reported whether the network will look to include profile creation (log in information) to allow fans to properly access and comment on the various mediums presented here. Such feature will be a discussion in the somewhat, close future.

While we praise and respect those who have stuck around and visited continuously, this article has been written to remind those about the sole reason we post and review products, while matching it up with a dosage of pure entertainment. As for currently, it's a one-man crew and any opportunities will be provided for those dedicated to the craft of reporting, reviewing and writing in general. Nevertheless, we do not have an online store selling any products posted for review. We, however, will track demands of our fans and will take note in the development in our launch to become a full-fledged network.

This article has been written and posted on December 22, 2017


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