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The Seeds of Math Releases First Video Lesson

The Seeds of Math Releases First Video Lesson

After much speculation, newly launched The Seeds of Mathematics have released their very first math video lesson. The style of video was inspired, and akin to that of, popular online education website Khan Academy.

Looking to start with the very basics of Arithmetic, the online tutorials/lesson series begins with single-digit Addition using the number line to visually interpret the process of such discipline. It was previously reported that the lessons were going to start with Mathematical (Symbolic) Logic but instead, lessons began with the elementary basics.

"While I truly wanted to start with Logic, I felt there was more that needed to be researched and presented. Lessons will be on the website, however, I just felt the need to start with basic Addition as it is required in nearly everything done in Life. The reason I thought I wanted to start with Logic? Controversies everywhere, namely online. The fact that we live in a truly illogical world can be a bothersome thought, but without speculation, or any kind of cramming over the linguistic interpretations for truth and validity, I just wanted to launch our website off with learning how to add."
— Kris Caballero

You can watch their first tutorial video on The Seeds of Math's website by clicking here: http://kcuniversal.net/the-seeds-of-math/arithmetic/addition-single-digit.

Fact: This project being shelved since 2014, The Seeds of Math was originally titled MATHSOTROS! until the decision was made to move from the SHOWSOTROS! conglomerate to lend the idea and project to The Seeds of Books, in terms of promoting reading and education.

This article has been written and posted on October 08, 2017


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