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Official Twitter Accounts Deleted

As it seems to be expected, KCUN founder Kris Caballero has ceased operations and usage of the micro-blogging platform. Reasons seem to remain similar with the leaving of Facebook and Instagram, but reports have stated that mental health has been taking a toll. Website progress has been progressing, but at times, stagnant. Kris explains:

"I don't want to go crazy, as much as my decisions have sounded crazy. I even received a phone call from a friend telling me about someone who was concerned with my connection with them. Sometimes, the best option is to leave. I've done all I can to explain my situation, and while it's more about my personal decision and my well-being, I don't want anyone to make me feel guilty for the decisions I've made. I'm responsible for any consequences from the choices I make, or have made, and there are times when I can't deal with the 'fire' being hurled all throughout. I've sown what I've planted, and reaping the results.

With that said, my mental health has been ringing in my mind. I'm developing a headache, and it's disrupting my concentration. Thus, our only social media connection, oddly enough, is on MySpace (https://myspace.com/kcunetwork). The only other method of contact is through here via email; Our other method of keeping up with updates is via RSS feed. Welcome to the Stone Ages."

While it may not have been the best start of 2021, Kris feels it's best "to get rid of the noise and to fully concentrate on our website once and for all." The accounts dedicated to each section of the website has terminated operations and will officially stay off social media platforms for good. Doubts remain if MySpace ever makes a comeback, but it has now been the place where the network has carried its social media operations to. Experience on the once-popular platform has been satisfactory thus far without any hitch. Reports will determine how long the social media usage on MySpace will remain.

This article has been written and posted on Jan 08, 2021


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