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Founder, Network Back to Using MySpace

Reports have stated, due to founder Kris Caballero's tweet, via Twitter, announced he and the network itself has jumped back to using MySpace. The platform reached its popularity from 2003 to 2008, when the presence of other, more competitive social media websites began popping up. Having left popular platforms Facebook and Instagram, it is an albeit strange decision to jump back into a website that shiend during its tenure back in the mid-2000s.

Founder Kris said the following, in response to the move:

"Yes, it is a very unusual move to go back to a platform that had its time. However, I've always been about nostalgia, and while I don't think that MySpace will draw back the audience/users it had during their peak, it'll feel like a more peaceful place to hang around and attract more, fresh fans and visitors to our website. A lot has changed with MySpace itself, despite me getting new emails on various updates and events they're holding. Nevertheless, they've focused the platform strictly on artists and various content creators which is where we fall under.

I'm not sure what will become of MySpace going forward, but it will be nice to see an official app for them to release. It will make updating and posting very easy. Despite the fact that Twitter has been great so far, I want to enjoy the [digital] peace of our social media usage.

Very much, the real reason is to avoid the madness. Even though madness can happen anywhere, no matter what, choices like these are the best ones we have at the moment. It feels great to be back, as it reminds me of my high school/college days. Once again, I'm hoping the people on MySpace work to release an app."

There hasn't been very many businesses and company owners making the decision to jump back to an older platform for promote their services and updates. Other than that, especially to current MySpace users still on the platform can happily add our account: myspace.com/kcunetwork. Will this trigger a new trend to jump back to the old platform result in the same way many video gamers ventured back into retro games? Time will tell, but know that Kris Caballero and the network has made and announced this decision to start off 2021.

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This article has been written and posted on Jan 01, 2021.


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