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Grand Opening of KCU + Plus

Grand Opening of KCU + Plus

Grand opening has been set for KCU Network's video-fcoused expansion: KCU + Plus. Catering to a streaming-like service, built similar to YouTube, KCU Plus is home to all video and podcast projects, old and new. While the website took roughly 2-3 weeks to complete, including digitizing older videos into a web-friendly stream, Kris Caballero has been wanting to get into creating such thing since 2019. However, since then, he's been jumping back and forth from his career focus, let alone the presentation this network has been heading in.

"It's finally here! (laughs) I simply felt like spoiling our current visitors, fans and audience in general, and ventured into a form of presentation that's now been the standard by today's internet technology: video. I've had this conversation before, but now, we're back and more than ever.

It's also given me a huge kick into video creation, going back to unfinished projects I've been wanting to do. Funny because the last time we released a video was February 2019; The most recent one was titled Tribute to HDV Tapes released in December 31, 2021.

Why not on YouTube? Exclusivity. I'd like for us to attract our own audience without the aid of a second- or third-party running through our videos before posting. Yes, we'll still be complying with any copyrights and such, but I feel we're able to have a little more wiggle room posting it on our own platform. Also, to enjoy our videos without being distracted by others should be a welcome treat. Oh, and no need to create an account nor any monthly fees—KCU Plus is welcome for everyone. All you need is an internet connection and a web browser, on your computer and/or smart device, and you're able to enjoy our projects!"

Web-based series and projects to be shared and posted haven't been announced on the table but they are being developed and worked on at the moment. The sub-domain also includes its own RSS feed for fans wanting to keep up with any new updates and/or new videos posted. All operations are continuing as normal.

To visit the new sub-domain website, click here to check out KCU + Plus.

This article has been written and posted on Jan 01, 2022


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