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MEMESOTROS! Makes A Comeback

After closing its doors on January 27, 2018, fans of the SHOWSOTROS website have expressed interest in the defunct sub-domain MEMESOTROS!—a place for various memes found all over the field of entertainment, including some original memes.

According to Kris, the focus shifted on a new take in terms of producing.

"After visiting the Universal Studios theme park recently, I felt I wanted to push all our focus on everything about movies. That's where the idea came from and wanted to make a little bit of room for it. Sadly, MEMESOTROS! wasn't garnering enough, given that there's a quadrillion of them spread and shared online, so it made sense.

Website of MEMESOTROS!

As recent as this month, a few fans have been mildly eager to see if any new memes would show up via our defunct Facebook fan page for MEMESOTROS! having 'liked' our page. After a talk with fellow business partners, we decided to cater to their fanaticism. Thus, we agreed to revive and re-launch MEMESOTROS, bringing a bit more attention into creating original memes that are better written than the ones shared on the internet. If I may now say, 'Welcome back, MEMESOTROS!'"

Having launched back on February 11, 2017, posting scenes from the classic sitcom Three's Company, original memes are on deck in creating more memes for the fans.

When fans express this kind of support, it's tough not to ignore it and the revival of MEMESOTROS is no exception. The network has been proud to see such move take place in continuing to entertain the masses. Here's to you, loyal fans!

This article has been written and posted on April 27, 2018


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