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Updates and Network Expansions

Updates and Network Expansions

KCU Network never stops renovating and tidying up for the masses to come in and enjoy the content and reviews being brought and shared for everyone to see. Despite the struggles, in contrast to the real world outside, there's a lot to be had. Alongside the reviews, articles and blog posts, KCUN founder Kris Caballero has done all he could to get his concentration back on the hunt with some big changes and moves.

One of these is the implementation of a new comments system for the entire network website. The cause of this was the increasing concern for both the participation of our visitors, leaving comments to any posts on our website, and privacy. According to Kris:

"I've been on and off, since having been the main man being reported on here, but things are finally beginning to settle in (I hope). With that said, I wanted to respect our visitors' and fans' chance into commenting on any of our posts and articles around our network website. Because we've had a wonderful time using Disqus, many webmasters have reported unethical practices from that company, as well as website performances upon installation and privacy issues. Because we released a Privacy Policy page, located at the bottom of our website, I want to abide by our own policies and rules with regard to our visitors. Even though privacy has become taken for granted nowadays, we still feel the need to respect our users' behavior and participation on our platform.

We went with a more light-weight comments system that's not only mobile-friendly, but also respects the users' participation when leaving comments in response to our posts. The result has been incredible with pages loading much faster. Since the comments software has been installed on our website, there isn't any worries about third-parties 'sniffing' in to the activities from our users, in and outside our website. Whether fans found this to be a concern or not needs to be considered, but being that we've used Disqus' commenting system since September 2013, it was time for a change. While we thank them for the opportunity, along with the users who were kind enough to chime in and leave comments on our website, which will be missed due to the fresh, new installation of our new comments system, it was a fair move on our part."

The hard work hasn't stopped there, given all pages were painstakingly updated with the newly installed comments system. The network also did a soft-opening of the new KCU Sports Network—a sports-related expansion of the network focusing strictly on everything related to sports, both amateur, collegiate and professional. While some pages are still under construction, there's a lot to speculate despite the quiet announcement.

In relation to expansion, the network is currently developing KCU + Plus, which is this network's exclusive to everything related to media production with its layout presented similarly to YouTube. Kris thinks this media-focused expansion will bring about the excitement of producing and creating videos and podcasts, after an indecisive move that took place back in April 2019, when he announced leaving the realm of entertainment and dedicating his efforts into scientific research, education, and mathematics. While still keeping in touch with such industry, the pandemic happened, thus causing another moment to reflect what it is to do at this point, besides copyrighting and publishing reviews on the network website.

"I know, I've been indecisive, and making a big parade about it, similar to a Brett Favre kind of deal. I apologize, and I shouldn't have made those announcements in response to such reports. Nevertheless, I believe this is the best course of action we have at the moment. It's a lot to contend with, but I think this will be it. My love for sports has rekindled, after being on and off for so many years, working corporate jobs related to those wanting to break into the film industry. With the pandemic still around since 2020, I did more reflecting and went with what I'm most comfortable, and the website expansions speak for themselves. They're all being worked on as I talk about this.

I think it feels great to finally be myself, without the libel and slander from others subtely pressuring me to pursue something that I wasn't comfortable in [breaking into the movie industry]. While it is a great industry, despite skeptics speaking out on the goings on in regards to production for many films and shows, I've always been about producing my own stuff. Whether it's worth people's time or not is up to them, but they're all presented openly for the Universe to hang out and watch. I [still] love computers, as well as math and quantum computing, but now I realize why critics were so quick to stop me in my tracks after that weird decision I announced back in 2019. My interests and concentration seem to fluctuate all the time, but here I am. Let's just proceed with what I'm looking to work on, without a big song and dance about it."

Instead of venturing into YouTube's platform, Kris feels self-hosting all the media content would be an exclusive way to attract an audience organically without an external source screening for possible decliining of uploading in the case it doesn't abide by content guidelines. While Kris guarantees the new videos will not include sensitive nor controversial content, with video blogs being a slight exception, it makes sense to produce stuff for the network's increasing audience.

This article has been written and posted on Dec 17, 2021


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