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"The Best of the Colbert Report"

Fun, unforgettable moments from the popular Comedy Central show "The Colbert Report."

Believe it or not, I first discovered Stephen Colbert on the hit comedy series Whose Line Is It Anyway? on ABC. Although he did well, I thought the show was too big for him; the other three guys, Colin, Ryan and Wayne, had the show under control and Colbert only did so much. Still, it was good to see him on Whose Line where producers were trying to get a third performer to be a permanent member with Colin and Ryan (ended up being Wayne). As soon as I was watching the casts' short-lived series Drew Carey's Green Screen Show on Comedy Central, tons of commercials aired for the world premiere of the network's new show: The Colbert Report.

His new show brings more of his personality and his full, comedic delivery, compared to his appearance on Whose Line, where he had a few chances. It's a comedy news show that's a play on The O'Reilly Factor, making political jokes, current events, pop culture, celebrity news, interviews, and in addition, it includes field pieces, skits and all-around aim at American heroism. It's a perfect show for those who'd like to let loose when watching the news, despite the news known for reporting tragic happenings, false hope and depressing stories. Colbert also offers a lot of audience participation, like getting his nation to help in getting his song reach #1 on iTunes charts, finish editing a short scene of Colbert fighting enemies in front of a green screen, or throwing stuffed bears at a hockey game, to fuel a message, and/or fulfill a bet placed for fun, bringing a funny, but true, statement to outweigh his detractors (i.e. Nancy Pelosi). Like a regular TV news program, there's always something new on the show and fantastic guests whom Colbert invites on the show.

This DVD features funny bits taken from the show. These include the introduction to the word "truthiness," hilarious interviews with district mayors, a musical duel with The Decemberists and cooking with feminists are some of the few classics on the show. Possibly the most hilarious interviews, I found, were mayors Robert Wexler and Eleanor Holmes Norton. Look for the part were the "live via satellite" interview with Norton technically goes awry for a second, and an amazing performance from Cheap Trick, Apples And Stereo, The Decemberists and Peter Frampton. My other favorite was his silent bit introducing the word "Sigh."

For me, I get strong doubts having to purchase a "Best Of" DVD, especially for a great show like this, because it's usually a mixed bag of content which either disappoints or becomes a fly-off-the-shelves DVD; it all comes down to what the release means by "Best Of." This DVD features classic segments and moments from 2005 to 2007. Even though I don't watch the show as frequently as I'd like to, this is an excellent DVD to pick up. However, at times I feel some segments, like Stephen Jr., are more under the "memorable moments" of the show. A few chuckles certainly, but better selections could have been made; I'm more on the "moments that always made/make you laugh" side of the show. Other than commercial introductions to other comedy shows at the beginning of the disk, all 175 minutes feature just the show; no bonus features like pictures, exclusive interviews and/or behind the scenes stuff. I would like to see another release with more features and more hilarious moments.

Nevertheless, I recommend this DVD as I still watch it to this day. If you've been a fan of the show, this DVD will give you some good laughs. If and when you do, someone special makes an appearance participating on Colbert's Green Screen Challenge.





  • Fun moments from the show before Colbert moved to CBS.
  • The Green Screen Challenge.
  • Hilarious interview with Bill O'Reilly.
  • Fantastic bit involving "Word of the Day: Sigh."
  • No bonus material.
  • More material could have been added.
95% (A)
Fan Rating
Title The Best of The Colbert Report (www.colbertnation.com)
Description "He Reports. He Decides."

"In this age of skepticism and not getting it, Americans want the truth...iness. And no one has more truthiness than it-getter, flagophile, and four-star American hero Stephen Colbert. Now, with this collection of The Colbert Report's finest moments, you can watch as Stephen shows the nation how he better feels the facts, better justifies injustices, and better knows the districts. So, look up in the sky, above the fruited plain, across the purple mountain majesties. This...is The Colbert Report."
ISBN / Bar Code number 1-4157-3555-7
Video Format 1.33:1 (4:3) / Full screen
Audio Format Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo
Disc Count One (1)
Language(s) English
Genre Comedy
Subtitles None
Rated ????
Region Region 1 - NTSC
Specification Color
Features MENU, [PLAY ALL] The Word: Truthiness, The Word: Wikiality, Better Know A District, Indecision 2006, Green Screen Challenge, Barry Manilow, Guitarmageddon, Saginaw Spirit, Papa Bear, Cooking With Feminists, Jane Fonda Interview, Stone Phillips: Let The Gravitas Begin, Stephen Jr., Stephanie Jr., Threat Down, Ice Cream & Willie Nelson, Hungarian Bridge, A Rare Correction, Meta-Free-Phor-All. [DVD PREVIEWS] Christmastime in South Park, The Sarah Silverman Program Season One, Demetri Martin. Person.
Production Busboy Productions
Company Paramount (www.paramount.com) - A Viacom Company
Item / Product Number #85247
Closed Captioning Yes
DVD Release November 06, 2007
Run Time 175 minutes.

Menu - 02:06, Play All - 3:00:24, DVD Previews - 03:22. Total DVD time: 3:05:52.
Copyright © 2007 Comedy Partners & © 2007 by Paramount Pictures
Other Formats ????
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Executive Producer
Stephen Colbert

Executive Producer
Jon Stewart

co-Executive Producer
Meredith Bennett

co-Executive Producer
Rich Dahm

co-Executive Producer
Allison Silverman

Jim Hoskinson

Michael Brumm
Stephen Colbert
Rich Dahm
Eric Drysdale
Rob Dubbin
Glenn Eichler
Peter Gwinn
Jay Katsir
Laura Krafft
Frank Lesser
Tom Purcell (Supervising Producer)
Allison Silverman

Consulting Producer
Ben Karlin

Talent Producer
Emily Lazar

Senior Producer
Jeff Cooperman

Line Producer
Tanya Michnevich Bracco

Production Manager
Kate Sunbury

Field Producer
Liz Levin

Field Producer
Nicole Savini

Segment Producer
Matt Lappin

Segment Producer
Kim Gamble

Original Theme Song "Baby Mumbles"
Written and Performed by

Cheap Trick

Executive in Charge for Busboy Productions
Chris McShane

Comedy Central
Executive in Charge of Production

Lou Wallach


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