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Slot Me Silly #0003: "Kitty Glitter"

Cat lovers, rejoice: this is Kitty Glitter! If anything, I may have seen the actual slot machine of this game once, but I never took the time to play it. Then again, it depends on the denominations required to bet, since I often hang around 1¢ and sometimes 5¢ machines. If I ever feel lucky and looking to let 'em ride, I go to the quarter machines. Dollar and/or five dollar machines? Forget it because I'm too cheap.

Okay, well, playing this game on the PC, it's not so bad. What I do like are the odds of getting Bonus Spins, which is quite high. It's very forgiving and it's cool seeing various kinds of cats show up. Reminder: this is based off of the PC game of the slot machine. The odds integrated on the actual machine game found from your favorite casino(s) will vary. Anyway, here's my gameplay:

Interesting with that diamond layout of the reels, isn't it? Something new and different makes a game like this quite fun. Would've liked to see more animation but it's still a good game to play.

Kitty Glitter slot machine stats board
(Click image to view full size.)

Given that there's a quadrillion video slot games make this a tough one to find in casinos. It depends on the casino, its location and the amount of slot machines on the floor, but you won't find these around anymore.

Anyone played this before and/or recently? Tell us your experience playing this game!

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