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Slot Me Silly #0005: "Wild Wolf"

Nothing like a pack of wolves to entertain your slot playing. This is another fantastic slot machine from IGT and one of those bunched up around other video slots waiting to be played. The simplicity of this game also makes me feel like these are one of those machines either near a cashier desk or ones you'd find at grocery/convenient stores.

Wherever you find this game at, the music is quite soothing to listen to. The sounds effects are spot on and makes you feel you're playing this game in the middle of a cold night. Granted, judging from my very own gameplay, I couldn't hit a Bonus which made playing this game a big challenge right up there with Triple Stars. Some may be luckier than others, but I won a modest amount. Here's my gameplay:

As usual, here are the pay lines, layouts and the payouts:

Wild Wolf payouts and layout board
(Click image to view full size.)

If you care to know, I played this game for a good 15 to 20 minutes. After all that, I still wasn't able to hit any kind of bonus or a high-paying jackpot. It's not a bad game, however, but it does present something challenging.

What casino did you play this game at? Let us know in the comments below!


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