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Problem Gambling

It's only bad if you have a problem with it, and gambling is no exception. Here at GAMINGSOTROS, we celebrate the fun and joys of risk-taking as entertainment and kindly bringing on the challenges of the mind with decision-making (á la Game Theory, in a way), and sight-seeing casinos as venues for visitation and weekend getaways. We also talk and discuss the fun of various machine- and card-based games, and other games seldom and/or frequently played and found in casinos big and small. While its entertainment and its controversial history has stamped moments in history, it also comes with a huge life-threatening price tag.

Not in any way do we condone and/or provoke visitors of this section to gamble and/or risk their life-savings at the chance of a single draw. Any mention of that should be taken lightly, shrugged off with a chuckle. Knowing that fans and readers of this site have taken in various precautions in the consequences that come with gambling, there are those who won't admit to loss/defeat triggering the mind to get back what they've lost. Doing that can cause not only personal finance problems, but also health problems, friction in personal relationships and living arrangements, whether you're fully employed or not, and/or if you're retired or not. Gambling should be perceived as a recreational pastime, likening to watching/playing sports and/or watching a series/film, and should not be taken as an alternative to a full-time job. One should not expect to win the big prizes and the jackpot. Gaming guides report big winners as an advertisement to entice misguided readers and tourists that "you can win too!" Such thing should not be taken seriously, and should be perceived as advertisement. No matter the fantasy to strike gold at the push of a button, or at the turn of a single card, realize that the odds have always been programmed against the gambler and is favored for the House.

The moment you lose more than you wanted to is where the mind activates one to pursue in garnering back what you came in/started with. This is where the "sweet spot" begins, currently feeding to the theory (perhaps fact) about problem gambling, negating forth the upsides (if any), when pushing to risk more and gamble harder. Taking in that fact is the "Black Hole" to a situation where one may never find a way out, affecting those around them, their life savings, their personal belongings, everything else that goes along with it and even themselves. Even worse, some go as far as to venture in the world of illegal gambling, loans and bribery to make up what they've lost, teetering with the underground world where, very much, the individual is on their own lolly-gagging the risk of jail time, money laundering and/or murder with authorities and central agencies.

First-time visitors of this website and first-time gamblers must know something: Expect to lose. If you were to play some games, play with money you can afford to lose. By chance, if that money isn't something you'd spend on food, entertainment mediums like DVDs or video games, books (unless you hate reading) or any item(s) that serve your personal purpose, gamble with a stash you don't mind trying to risk with.

(We personally have witnessed someone on a high-limit blackjack table gamble $30,000 and lost it all, as he laughed mercilessly, at the horribly, low-rated Gold Coast Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. He looked like someone who woke up out of bed, wearing house clothes, not even sporting anything to make people think he's rich, and went on to waste a mind-numbing $30,000 that could've gone to a great cause if he had no use for it. You'll witness people like those at gaming tables, and just because they look to risk thousands of dollars doesn't mean they know what they're doing. KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING, and you can do so by taking a look at our country's economy.)

Whether you're financially stable or not, take the high road and believe that you're in casinos to have fun and not hope you're the next coming of Warren Buffet. Some may say it's a waste of money buying food at McDonald's because it's unhealthy, yet some people still buy it; Think the same with gambling.

After all that being said, if you ever—minor or major—problems with gambling addiction, SEEK PROFESSIONAL HELP IMMEDIATELY. Don't allow a problem to exponentially grow and to get worse. If you or anyone you know has a gambling problem, contact California Council on Problem Gambling at 1-800-GAMBLER.

We here at SHOWSOTROS Productions (now KC Universal Network), with GAMINGSOTROS being a proud part of our conglomerate, provides entertainment for the culture with similar interests for the Universe to see. Including the realm of gaming into our sub-domains, this warning was provided as a caution to be wary of any problems that may arise (perhaps not now nor later, but for some who may have). Our aim is to entertain, write, broadcast and talk/discuss, and we don't want to put anyone at risk for any side effects that may, otherwise, be life-threatening.

If any other concerns and/or questions arise that you may have about this warning/disclaimer and/or other questions regarding our shot at providing the fun of gambling, you may contact me to be informed about this project.

Gamble responsibly, but have fun.


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