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Game Boy No. 2: "It's a Small World After All"

Herman is at it again, and it clued him in when he got a phone call from his mother. After he was unknowingly used as a puppet to serve Tatanga, Herman's mother feels that his game Super Mario Land and the Game Boy is what's causing his mind to completely fall into the commands of Tatanga, though his mother thinks the whole situation is preposterous, yet stranger than fiction.

Alongside Herman's hilarious flubs with the antagonists from the game, comes a girl named Tannis—an eleven-year old whose dream is to visit outer space. Little did she realize her dreams already came true at a young age, but didn't know she had to call up her sister, an avid Game Boy player, to cast a superhero to stop Tatanga's evil plans once again: Mario.

Yes, Herman couldn't help himself. Just when he freely lent his Game Boy to an innocent child, he had to find another way of retrieving it again only to have Tatanga and his henchmen summoned again. Along with Tatanga is Princess Daisy held captive and wanting to be free yet again. After some hijackings, the antagonists got hold of a space shuttle making Tannis' dreams come true before she knew it, and to satisfy Daisy—Tatanga's assumption that a vacation would make her happy enough to marry him (hah!). However, Herman recommended Disney World but they went to space anyway. Looking through the window of a nice view of planet Earth, Tatanga now wants to rule and own the world. Thanks to Tannis' sister, that plan came to a screeching halt.

Mario came to the rescue after being summoned, and went on to crash Tatanga's party, almost Superman style. The space shuttle loses control and crash lands back to Earth. Princess Daisy is in bad shape (*ahem*) and Tatanga orders the army to get back to Sarasaland to help heal and comfort her. Now that the goons are gone, Mario warps back to Sarasaland to continue stopping Tatanga from making another mess on planet Earth. As Herman and Tannis step outside, Herman was asked to leave because "he wasn't dressed appropriately." Only to Tannis' wonder, she's at Disney World....after all.

I laughed when I read this, though:

"And I thought Brooklyn was a cultural wasteland..."
— Mario

Who would've thought Mario knew his way around American cities, in comparison to the void of space?

Lots of action and some suspense makes this a neat little comic in the Game Boy series. However, though, scenes of carjacking and skyjacking may raise eyebrows and trigger some unpleasant reactions in today's market. Nevertheless, just try not to sing that catchy, mind-sticking tune when you finish reading this.

Check it out!


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