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On Peace and Harmony

You're made to believe that it's the supplies that are running short, but I think it's the words in the dictionary that are running out to describe Life that's been going on since March 2020. It really hasn't been easy for majority of us, and sometimes, we need to step back and realize where we're going from now until then. When will the madness end? Will it all stop? How soon until the light at the end of the tunnel shine, and how bright? There are no easy answers, and everyone's interpretation of all that's going on is different, but perhaps we need to pause, take a deep breath and look back at how we arrived here and why.

To start things off, change is key. Most of us don't want to change nor should we accept it, but we need it to progress with any kind of growth both overall and for ourselves. The problem with that is some occurrences are out of our reach; "We didn't start the fire," as the famous song from Billy Joel goes. The only way we can manage and live to our best is to know what it is we've taken for granted and never took the time to embrace its beauty. You've heard of them before, so I want to introduce you to peace and harmony.

Peace is to Harmony as Money is to Power

It is my personal belief that peace and harmony are not mutually exclusive: If you have one, you're guaranteed the other, much like money and power. Why is that? If we look back at our lives back in 2019, most of us knew it was *just* another year to start anew. Whether you to commit to new year resolutions or not, we held strong trying to work harder to where we need/want to be. Then came the year celebrating a new decade of 2020, and we all made the same "promises" made going into 2019 (at least for some people, that is). When the month of March came, so did the pandemic, and up until now, it has changed many people drastically. A brief list of things that changed so far: Ourselves, our personal relationships, business, way(s) of life, our social and political landscape, our health, our connections with others, our finances, our mindset(s) and many more. Worse, the "end" in "friendships" came through, as arguments online and offline increased. Medical issues and social issues have become a recurring theme, further hammering the nails on the coffin of broken relationships. Speaking of "coffin," many beautiful lives have been lost since 2020, and it has transformed families and relatives in ways they never expected. All in all, things took an unbelievable turn with some twists and traffic along the way. Do we still have enough steam to help us keep running, after all that has happened?

There's no doubt in my mind that the forces of Evil have crashed our party. We took life for granted so much, we nearly forget to be on the defensive in the case any Evil lurks through. Sadly, that wasn't the case, as Evil found its way causing us to feel all that we never wanted to experience. All those positive quotes being shared online were just naive hope. Not many people held on to their word(s) and instead, expected someone else to do them. As confusion came through, along with playing "the blame game," so did Evil, and it has affected us at our core. It seems we've got no one to blame but ourselves. Saying that would trigger a denial of reactions such as, "well Kris, I didn't do anything." Maybe, but that didn't mean remaining complacent the entire time when something could've been done. If someone had the chance to save a drowning person, besides standing there and recording the incident on your device, perhaps a life could be saved without going viral online for the wrong reasons.

Okay, so what about Peace and Harmony? Peace and Harmony could be interpreted as those classmates no one gave a chance to—to express themselves, to talk or anything of that kind. Unfortunately, ignoring them also included yourself, because lending an ear to these people would make you the target of mockery and belittlement among the entire school campus as they all convinced you there was no reason to keep in touch with those two. While you wanted to save these folks from any kind of slander and bullying, you had to save yourself too. This behavior became so rampant through the years that you wondered what ever happened with them after graduation, let alone still being alive. Peace and Harmony may not have some life-changing advice(s) that would help shape your future, but in the midst of all that went on, good or bad, you know you'd encounter less trouble when you find time to spend with them. However, because consensus perceived their own lives as something of a "peaceful and harmonious" way, there wasn't any need to reach out to the two "outcasts" since the vibrational energy of everyone else is already good enough. Deep in your heart, even if you know that everyone's sense of normalcy is well balanced, that still didn't stop you from wanting to know about the duo. As the days and weeks go on, your worst fear finally came true: Drama. Conflict(s) arises, and because your energy is in the same plane as everyone else's, there's this sort of stigma that because you witnessed or heard about it, you *needed* to attend to it. We all know how we feel about drama, whether it involves us or not, and it's an uncomfortable feeling knowing that people whom we thought are cool and good have an unpleasant side that we wished never to see. Surely, we all try to be good people, but no one likes us at our worst. Just when you needed an escape from the goings-on, you wondered what happened to Peace and Harmony as they're nowhere to be seen. They could've skipped school, called in sick or likely transferred to another campus. Being ridiculed and ignored for so long, this isn't a surprise, yet you're now stuck with all this confusion in addition to resolving all the friction that happened. The days and weeks then drag on, making it the longest days of your life. Just when Peace and Harmony felt they're better off somewhere else, you wish you reached out sooner, and now must live with your own, and everyone else's, consequence(s) that followed. Oh sure, it wasn't your fault, but again, that didn't mean you had the opportunity to take a stand and risked it all to acquire something only you know about. That, ladies and gentlemen, is how we feel in our current state of affairs.

What I'm trying to say is Peace and Harmony were there the entire time. The catch was complacency on our part, since 2019, caused us not to seek any kind of tranquility because we all thought that our way of living was fine and dandy. There wasn't any need to venture out for such thing. Because a lot of us where unaware, negative energy found its way and we're still trying to fight it off even today.

You see, I perceived negative energy as light-weight and easy to harness. It's not hard being angry and bitter, just watch or read the news about issues that are going on right now. While Evil manifests itself in many different ways, I believe it wears itself out very fast. If you're a sports fan, you've likely heard of why "defense wins championships." Given all the movies I've watched, the stories I've heard and the books I've read, Evil seems to be more the offensive side and lacks any kind of defense. Think about it: Why does the Good outweigh the Evil on movies almost all the time? Because of this "normalcy" we've blindly came to live with, we never took the time having a peace of mind and living harmoniously. This goes back to the paragraph I wrote above: We had the chance to give our time to Peace and Harmony, but we didn't because we're too absorbed in the things we do, albeit being "good enough." Now, Evil has presented itself, and for good reason.

Whether you're religious or not, you may have heard about the story of the final showdown between God and Satan, but eventually, God wins. If Satan knew about all this, there's no reason to fight against God, is there? On the cinema side, action films always present some evil antagonist looking for nationwide, or worldwide, domination only to be imprisoned, killed, or even mangled up by the hero(es) we root for to save us. Some films expand on such stories, like how someone turns into an enemy, how they believe some omnipotent entity order them to carry out these evil operations and so forth. The catch is we won't know about our sense and yearn for peace and harmony if it weren't for Evil. "Sympathy for devil?" Not really, but in order to become a bearer of Good, we must know about the forces that spewed out all this evil that manifests, and re-manifests, itself over and over again. It's got to get worse before we can make it better for us.

Grassland located in Patagonia, Chile
Image by WorldAtlas.com, located in Patagonia, Chilé

The good news is that, as mentioned earlier, Evil focuses on offensive attacks and has very weak defense. The catch with Evil's attacks is when it's done repeatedly, you get used to the pain; You realize the backstory behind their operations, and begin to analyze and interpret its weak points, along with their culprits. When you do, Evil becomes fearful and suddenly collapses onto itself. Think of the bloodshed that antagonists suffer from when defeated by the character who does good: Doesn't it give you a sense of satisfaction, as cruel as that sounds? Evil wants things they knew was missing in their lives, doing so in the most inhumane way possible, but when Good shows up at their door, it'll be too late for the devil to flee. Would video games have a purpose if the main character you control has a goal in eliminating the force(s) that spread evil in the first place? Not if it's just stacking blocks or filling out crosswords, but you know what I mean.

The day things get back to 100% normal is the day we all should think about the duo we took for granted back as early as 2019. The famous quote "Give Peace a Chance" rings some truth. If we don't reach out to things, or to those, known for their peace and harmony, is an opportunity missed. Any opportunities missed is a chance for evil to come through (i.e. not wanting to find a job, leading to pursue activities that may harm in the long run, such as drug abuse). From now on, we'll take these years as lessons learned. While lives were sadly lost because of it, we now know going forward, but it still doesn't ring a bell to some people. In that case, I'll say this:

There's a documentary released years ago talking about how Life on Earth will be after humanity is gone. In summary, Mother Nature will be able to take care of Herself, given all the emissions, smog and the trees constantly chopped down to accommodate those in power and ourselves. However, while Mother Nature will finally be able to flourish, we won't be around to witness it; The insects, the animals, all the plants that never were able to blossom during humanity's lifetime, most of which I'm sure includes super rare organisms never seen before by scientists, will finally be able to live. Unfortunately, on top of that, our Sun in this Solar System will continue to expand and become so raging hot that it'll be inhospitable for any life form to live on Earth. Yeah, we won't live forever, and neither will this beautiful planet, but that doesn't mean it's okay to shrug off missed opportunities that may enable you to become a better person, extend the longevity of our species and the life on Earth, stand for what you think is right for the good of yourselves AND everyone else, and pursue a chance to be as productive as you can be while nullifying all the harmful energies that may deter you to the wrong direction. Given all that's going on right now, take it as a wake up call for you and everyone else. There's no need to fight over a disagreement because once Evil finally dissipates, we'd wish we didn't become as bitter as we would when things were normal. Sounds easy but it isn't, yet it's not impossible to do either.

Peace and Harmony are finally here. Now what?

I can't say that 2019 and prior were times of Peace and Harmony. What it means to finally reach out and welcome the duo is to know and have learned never to neglect a chance/opportunity to make something of yourself, or for others. Sure, hanging out with Peace and Harmony may make you the laughing stock of the entire school, but to lend an ear to folks that want to talk is kind-enough gesture. It feels good when someone is listening to us. This gives them a sense of confidence, and depending on their life path, they'll opt to do the same to others who they also feel ought to be listened to. That's all it takes. Other people think they've got it made already with the level and balance they're living in, but it's in a way where they take the peace and harmony for granted. In other words, they don't take time reaching out to those that may humble them or smooth the sharp edges in their lives. Yeah, I know this may cause some sort of personality clash, and some people aren't meant to be in your lives forever, but we can at least take a moment to learn and listen to what others have to say and to offer. We're not all perfect, but it doesn't hurt to allow someone to express themselves without selling them short. Since 2019 and back, I felt this was what I think majority of people did because without harnessing such mind-calming phenomenon, panic occurs. Obtaining both Peace and Harmony gives you a sense of self, and to know that things will soon work out not only for you but for everyone else. It's certainly not easy, as some things come unexpectedly, but moving forward, we hope that it's a big lesson learned for everyone here. We are in a state where, like what happened in past history, we have to fight off Evil in order to obtain this opportunity, much like challenging the popular student who became the biggest bully after shaming you for reaching out with the school's losers Peace and Harmony. You know how bullies turned out later in life: They've either learned their harshest lessons and changed for the better, or their lives ended so soon for not wanting to learn (collapsing onto themselves). Like I said, Evil can harm and even kill those within their path, but when their time comes, no one will be around to save them. Heck, as seen in movies, even those on the side of Evil eventually turn against them and suddenly side with the Good!

As an optimist, things will get better and more-so. There'll come one day when we look back and take a long moment to realize what we've learned undergoing such dark times that costed our lives, relationships, well-being, finances and Life in general. That's why I wrote and published this blog post as an early reminder to do so. Those who dwell on the negative and uses Nature to attack and destroy is a recipe for disaster; Nature always finds a way to cleanse Herself of any disruptions and wrong-doings it feels doesn't serve Her purpose. Like the saying goes, "You don't ever fool around with Mother Nature." You shouldn't either with Peace and Harmony, because if they don't feel like they're wanted, they'll seek another place and time where they do. There's no harm when you acquire harmony.

This is Kris speaking for Food For The Saints.

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