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"Tears For Fears: Tears Roll Down - Greatest Hits '82-'92"

Features the second version of "Mother's Talk" never seen nor released on DVD.

Having been remastered from its original release back in 1992, Tears Roll Down - Greatest Hits ('82-'92) couldn't have compiled a better compilation thus far. Not to say that Classic Tears For Fears isn't feasible, although it is for diehard TFF fans, but there's a chunk of videos listed here that I'm sure not very many are familiar with. Few of them were videos from their early years.

Given that the some of the videos were already previously reviewed from the other compilation DVD, I will focus on the new ones featured here. If you'd like to see those reviews, such as "Sowing The Seeds of Love", check out my previous TFF DVD review.

Just to get one thing out of the way: videos such as "Everybody Wants To Rule The World" and "Shout" do not come with the video's title card introductions. However, what's different about this DVD is if you choose "PLAY ALL", each video has its own specially-designed title graphic before transitioning into the feature video. Another thing you quickly notice as well is the title of the DVD isn't featured until you play the DVD; the DVD title isn't featured on the main menu screen.

The official DVD menu screen.

Here are the reviews for the videos, via track number, included on DVD that were not previously reviewed:

7. Pale Shelter (1983)
Video opens with a pretty girl diving in the pool and a crocodile then dives in ready to hunt for human blood. The woman freaks out ascending in the air and out of the pool, moving onto Curt singing. Lots of random shots, from kids in a classroom to an air traffic controller to a housewife. The transition where the blond woman irons and burns her clothes out into the field where Curt and Roland walk toward the iron burn looked really cool. The moment the kid throws a paper airplane out the window, comes the most famous scene of the entire video: Roland and Curt walking through a flock of paper airplanes! At the 33:39 mark, Roland gets hit by a paper airplane near the face. Roland eventually picks up a broken acoustic guitar only to toss it up in the air. Oh, and those random people shot earlier eventually come together to their rightful partner—one of them being the wife of the air traffic controller, one being the mother of the kid in the classroom and so on. At 35:10 Roland gets hit in the eye with a paper airplane! As the freaked out female swimmer jumps back into the pool, the crocodile waits and waits only to bite...the guitar that Roland threw. Sorry croc, pretty female swimmers are too precious to be serially mauled by a cold-blooded animal (and rightfully so since there's no conviction for animals in killing humans, as I believe there should be, if there isn't). Overall, this personally isn't one of my top favorite songs from TFF, but the video is worth a watch.

8. I Believe [A Soulful Re-Recording] (1985)
You suddenly see Roland without his shirt singing the song, sitting on a wooden chair. This shot is also the track's CD picture sleeve as well. Often, it shows the live shots of one of their live concert performances, hence the people's cheering in the audio track, while rare shots of Curt hits a musical triangle and a wine glass. A rather, simple music video overall. Oh, and for those wondering about Roland yelling "William!" in the song, MemoriesFade.com says:

"You can distinctly hear Roland yell "William!" just before the little saxophone solo in the single version of 'I Believe.' This is a shout out to the saxophonist, William Gregory."

9. Laid So Low [Tears Roll Down] (1992)
Alright, well, chances are good you've never seen the original video of "Tears Roll Down." That, and this video for "Laid So Low," are produced in the same premise, but slightly different. In fact, "Tears Roll Down" has a very fluid flow, animation-wise, and very nice to watch, and this video capitalizes on that fluid, animated flow. Integrated with it is Roland singing the song and playing the guitar, with the footage of him filtered to look animated. There's a lot going on in the animation that you'd have to watch to believe. It's really good. Excellent video.

10. Mothers Talk (1984 - Version 2)
Well here it is: the second version of "Mothers Talk" with the band not being very happy with the first video. Already you see a sheet of newspaper lit on fire, a weathervane and a clip of an Olympic athlete, then cuts to the duo singing to the song. While Curt flies a kite, Roland sings to the song while lying on a bed covered in newspapers. There were also occasional showings of a table game of mahjongg. You think the band were happy with this version?

11. Change (1983)
Being a simple pop song, according to the duo themselves, the video opens with Curt in an elevator transitioning into the xylophones. Suddenly you witness Roland being followed by a bunch of folks in masks. While the masked folks roam around out and into the building, they run into a statue after getting off an elevator only to find out the statue moved—a young girl—then follows the masked people. During the instrumental break, the masked person and Roland both dance. The video then fades out with Curt singing the rest of the song while he takes the elevator up. I may have seen creepy things before, but those masked folks scare me. Great song, by the way.

Twelve video tracks on this DVD, and five of them have never been re-issued on DVD before. Sounds like a great deal, don't you think? Of course, it depends on the songs you embrace more. As for diehard TFF fans and collectors, you MUST have this DVD collection. Like I said, with version two of "Mothers Talk" along with the other videos shot near their early years, and another very rare video "Laid So Low", I can't see a reason not to own this. Oh, even though many folks don't care about it, this DVD comes with credits! Unlike the previous DVD collection, only released in Europe, this comes with minute-long credits featuring the great producers and directors of these wonderful promos.

As mentioned previously, there are still TFF videos that still haven't seen the sunlight on DVD:

The Way You Are
Everybody Wants To Run The World
Tears Roll Down
Famous Last Words
Johnny Panic And The Bible Of Dreams
Raoul And The Kings Of Spain
God's Mistake
Secrets (version 1)
Secrets (version 2)
Closest Thing To Heaven

Personally, thanks to online video-sharing websites, I have seen all except "Johnny Panic And The Bible Of Dreams" (so can you). Even if I have already seen them, it'll be nice to see the full DVD quality of it. Looking at the list, that's quite a chunk that's never been included. Better days are ahead and I truly believe the companies will release all of these videos, but we may never know when. Mark this DVD review a huge reminder (hope you fans will speak out as well!).

With five never-before-released video on DVD, you won't be disappointed. If you're a huge TFF fan, no excuses: you have to own this collection. As for the ones that never saw the light of day, looks like compilation editor and producer Nicky Dix and Tamer Osman are the ones responsible for this DVD set. While I thank you both for this release, will we get to see the releases of the rest of the TFF video library? If so, I will be happy to review it here on our website. Please, feel free to contact me.





  • Includes the second version of "Mother's Talk."
  • Pretty animation shown in "Laid So Low."
  • Could've added more videos from the TFF library.
95% (A)
Fan Rating
Title Tears For Fears: Tears Roll Down - Greatest Hits '82-'92
Description --
ISBN / Bar Code number 602498128725
Video Format 1.33:1 (4:3) / Full screen
Audio Format 5.1 Surround Sound / 2.0 Dolby Digital
Disc Count One (1)
Disc Format 1 X DVD-5
Language(s) English
Genre Music
Subtitles None
Rated Not Rated
Region Region 1 - NTSC
Sleeve Design Warsaw [London]
Specification Color
Features [MAIN MENU]: Play all, Track selection (P.1 - Sowing The Seeds of Love, Everybody Wants To Rule The World, Woman In Chains, Shout, Head Over Heels, Mad World; P.2 - Pale Shelter, I Believe, Laid So Low [Tears Roll Down], Mothers Talk, Change, Advice For The Young At Heart), Audio Selection (5.1 Surround Sound, 2.0 Dolby Digital)
Production --
Company Universal Music (umusic.ca)
Item / Product Number #0249812872
Closed Captioning --
DVD Release November 18, 2003
Run Time 58:37 minutes total
Copyright © 2003 Universal Music Operations Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Manufactured and distributed in Canada by Universal Music Canada Inc.
Other Formats VHS (NTSC and PAL), Laserdisc (NTSC and PAL), VideoCD (MPEG-1) and DVD (PAL)
Quoted Reviews --
Other --
"Sowing The Seeds of Love" credits

Directed by
Jim Blashfield

Produced by
Paul Diener

"Everybody Wants To Rule The World" credits

Directed by
Nigel Dick

Produced by
Sarah Wills & Nigel Dick

"Woman In Chains" credits

Directed by
Andy Morahan

Produced by
Luc Roeg

"Shout" credits

Directed by
Nigel Dick

Produced by
Sarah Wills & Nigel Dick

"Head Over Heels" credits

Nigel Dick

Produced by
Nigel Dick/Steve Howard/Sean Ryeson/Steve Suyik

"Mad World" credits

Directed and Produced by
Blue Pencil Productions

"Pale Shelter" credits

Directed by
Steve Barron

Produced by
Adam Whittaker & Siobhan Barron

"I Believe" credits

Directed by
Nigel Dick

Produced by
Steve Golin & Joni Sighvatsson

"Laid So Low (Tears Roll Down)" credits

Directed and Produced by
Commanding Images

"Mothers Talk" credits

Directed by
Nigel Dick

Produced by
Sarah Wills & Nigel Dick

"Change" credits

Directed and Produced by
Blue Pencil Productions

"Advice For The Young At Heart" credits

Directed by
Andy Morahan

Produced by
Luc Roeg

Compilation Producer
Nicky Dix

Compilation Editor
Tamer Osman


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