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"The Royal Wedding Celebration"

Great release of the famous Royal Wedding celebrated by many and broadcasted around the world.

Because of the Royal Wedding that tied the knot for Prince Harry & Meghan Markle, we'd thought it'd be nice to look back at the wedding that took place prior. While witnessing the late but lovely Princess Diana grace the stage as a child, the wedding that stood out the most personally was this: Prince William & Kate Middleton.

This simple DVD starts off what looked like a documentary, narrated by Ann Bryson. Approaching near the middle of the presentation, the viewer then gets an uninterrupted presentation of the ceremony to which Prince William and Kate Middleton are officially husband and wife. Near the end, you get a long but brief shot of the newlywed couple heading to the Buckingham Palace. There they made their final appearance waving to the public, and finally kissing at the balcony.

For The Royal Engagement Interview, it's very much an in-depth look with Prince William and Kate Middleton talking about how they met, what went through their minds and a rundown of how they got together, onward to proposing. Though that may not sound much, you'll be surprised to learn how they both got together and the little obstacle they overcame before realizing that marrying was the best option. The interview was aired and shot by itv News.

I must say, the DVD menu was neatly done giving that ceremonial feel to it.

The Royal Wedding Celebration DVD menu

When it comes to huge events like this, you can imagine the turnout. Okay, don't imagine it because here are screenshots showing so:

Wedding ceremony at the Westminster Abbey
Huge turnout
William and Middleton at the balcony of the Buckingham Palace

Would've liked to see more packed into this DVD—photo galleries, more interviews, talking to the crowd and their reactions. Besides that, it's a simple DVD release that ought to appeal to those who are big fans of the Royal Family, let alone British/UK culture.





  • Memorable look-back at the Royal Wedding in 2011.
  • Features the full ceremony of the couple.
  • Includes an exclusive interview from the couple after the celebration.
  • Not much bonus features.
95% (A)
Fan Rating
Title The Royal Wedding Celebration

The Royal Wedding is a commemorative celebration of the marriage of His Royal Highness Prince William of Wales and Miss Catherine Middleton at Westminster Abbey on Friday the 29th April 2011.

From the excitement, expectation and joy of the crowds to the couple's balcony appearance, this celebratory film brings all the official coverage of the day together in one memorable film.

In an uplifting, definitive and memorable account of this truly historic and romantic event, no aspect of the day is missed.

The story embraces the reaction of the public, the arrival of Kate at the Abbey, the reveal of her dress, the bridesmaids, Prince Harry as best man, the service itself in full, the triumphant drive through the crowds back to Buckingham Palace and the balcony kiss.

Every highlight of this very special day is captured for posterity — and for future generations to enjoy.

After announcing their engagement Prince William and Kate Middleton gave their only interview to Tom Bradby. The couple spoke openly about the marriage proposal, the engagement ring, the moment they met each other's families and their plans for children.
ISBN / Bar Code number 1-4172-3525-X / 7 41952 69919 4
Video Format 1.78:1 (16:9) / Widescreen
Audio Format Stereo
Disc Count One (1)
Amaray DVD Credits edit assistant RICHARD WILLIAMS editors JOEL BYE, LISA DAVIS, CHARLIE HAWRYLIW assistant producer DANIELLA WIEDMANN production manager KATE ALLEN executive producers STEVE CARSEY, EMMA READ produced by CLAIRE BURNETT an ITN production for ITV GLOBAL ENTERTAINMENT
Language(s) English
Genre Documentary
Subtitles --
Rated Not Rated
Region Region 1 - NTSC
Specification Color
Features Play Movie, Scene Selection, [SPECIAL FEATURES] Additional Interviews: Climate Change, Impacts of Climate Change, Dealing with Climate Change, Deleted Scene: Madison, Wisconsin — A Cheerful Anomaly, [PBS ONLINE]
Production ITN Productions
Company itv STUDIOS Home Entertainment
Item / Product Number #EOE-DV-6991
Closed Captioning --
DVD Release June 28, 2011
Run Time MAIN PROGRAM: Approx. 50 minutes (actual time: 0:47:33)
BONUS: Approx. 18 minutes (actual time: 0:18:00)

Total DVD time: 1:05:33
Copyright ©Independent Television News Limited 2011. Licensed by ITV Global Entertainment Ltd. All rights reserved.
Other Formats Amazon Video
Quoted Reviews --
Dolby™ and the DD are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation

Warning — The copyright proprietors have licensed the cinematograph, sound recordings, and packaging artwork contained in this DVD for private home use only. All other rights are reserved. Any unauthorized including but not limited to copying, editing, lending, exchanging, renting, hiring exhibiting, public performance, radio or television broadcasting or any other diffusion or otherwise dealing with this DVD or any part thereof is strictly prohibited. Back image by Rex Features.
Narrated by
Ann Bryson

Edit Assistant
Richard Williams

Joel Bye
Charlie Hawryliw

Production Manager
Kate Allen

executive Producers
Steve Carsey
Emma Read

Produced by
Adam Barry
Claire Burnett

itv STUDIOS Global Entertainment

ITN Productions

An ITN Production for ITV Global Entertainment
© Independent Television News Ltd 2011

Thomas Coleman
Bill McIntyre
James Fitzgerald
Rob Maerz
Yuri Raicin

Original Computer Visualizations
Kai Whittaker
Daniel Tremblay

Lance Webster

Audio Postproduction SPR
Jean Pierre Bissonnette
Benoît Dame

Archival Materials

BBC Motion Gallery, Canamedia/ITN,
CTV Television Inc,
Eve Morgenstein, Greenpeace,
Louisiana Dept of Natural Resources
NASA/USGS, NBC News Archives,
Prairie Pictures/Stormstock
Tampa Electric, UN Video Library
US Department of Commerce NOAA

Based in part on the work by
Lydia Dotto entitled
"Storm Warnings:
Gambling wih [sic] the Climate of our Planet"

Executive Producers
Karen Coshof
Polly Kosko

This program was produced by South
Carolina ETV which is solely responsible
for its content

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