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"Whose Line Is It Anyway?" Season One (Vol. 2)

Second volume of "Whose Line" episodes featuring guest comedian Stephen Colbert

Two DVDs, totaling over four hours of laughing madness, the second volume of Whose Line? strikes again. Over a year after its first official release, this volume completes the entire first season, including more outtakes and unaired games.

The games are as follows:

Ep.011 (Show No.113): Let's Make A Date, Film Theater and Television Styles, Dating Service Videos, Weird Newscasters, Greatest Hits, Helping Hands

Ep.012 (Show No.119): Let's Make A Date, Duet, News Flash, Film Theater & Television Styles, Telethon, Hoedown

Ep.013 (Show No.120): Questions Only, Song Styles, Dead Bodies, Sound Effects, Weird Newscasters, Hoedown, Stand Sit Bend

Ep.014 (Show No.114): Let's Make A Date, Moving People, Weird Newscasters, Greatest Hits, Party Quirks, Helping Hands

Ep.015 (Show No.118): Weird Newscasters, Song Styles, Dating Service Videos, Sportscasters, Film Dub, Greatest Hits, Hoedown

For the second DVD, here are the list of games played:

Ep.016 (Show No.121): Superheroes, Weird Newscasters, Scenes From A Hat, Props, Greatest Hits, Helping Hands (Hands Through)

Ep.017 (Show No.116): Weird Newscasters, Scene To Rap, Moving People, Props, Greatest Hits, Party Quirks, Hoedown

Ep.018 (Show No.115): Questions Only, Song Styles, News Flash, Hey You Down There!, Party Quirks, Scene To Rap, Helping Hands

Ep.019 (Show No.110): Weird Newscasters, Duet, Sound Effects, Props, Narrate, Telethon, Stand Sit Bend

Ep.020 (Show No.109): Weird Newscasters, Multiple Personalities, Fashion Models, World's Worst, Props, Party Quirks, Hoedown, 90-Second Alphabet

In fact, Episode 14 (Show No.114) was officially the very first Whose Line episode I've watched, and apparently, recorded. It features guest star Ian Gomez, known for his appearance on The Drew Carey Show. It was also a rare feat seeing Brad Sherwood being the lone performer on the playing of Greatest Hits. I don't know any other comedian who does an excellent impersonation of the B-52s. In addition, on Episode 17, you get to see him—yes, him: Stephen Colbert! Although he did host The Daily Show, the producers wanted a third permanent member to compliment Colin and Ryan (ended up being Wayne Brady). Still, Colbert did a decent job, though I thought the show was a bit much for him to handle. Nevertheless, it was an excellent opportunity to see him show off his improvisation, and I should also include rapping, skills on the show.

Nevertheless, judging by the games played, they've drastically changed the playing of the first games. On Volume 1, where I listed the games played, majority of the episodes nearly started with the game Let's Make A Date. This may be due to the change in segment producers, from Anne Hardy to Jonathan Barry, as shown on the credits below.

Speaking of the games played, this volume features games rarely played on a frequent basis, especially if you're familiar with the later seasons of the show. These games like Telethon, Hey You Down There! and Fashion Models, which to my knowledge, were played less than five times throughout the whole series of the show. On Episode 16, Drew stated that he, Ryan and Colin were about to play Hands Through—another name for Helping Hands. Other than that, get ready for some mad laughter including Colin playing an angry sperm, Ryan as a psycho with a chainsaw, Greg as Bill Clinton, Wayne singing as Snoop Dogg, Tina Turnie [sic] and Brad as a game show announcer, to name a few. Oh and just a little short mention: how about that gorgeous Asian girl in the audience whom Wayne picked as his girlfriend? Ms. girl-who-played-as-Wayne's-girlfriend-on-Weird-Newscasters, if you're reading this, hello!

As for Special Features, they all unveil games and segments never aired and complete outtakes—yes, uncensored. Looking now like the performers and the crew know each other having gotten used to the routine. I'm sure you'll notice a pinch of beautiful women Drew undoubtedly chooses in the audience to help play the games. Let's not forget that pretty lady Brad sung to; his opening lyrics should tell you. On the game Dead Bodies, Colin made the sweet Asian girl do 'something' to Ryan; I'm sure the censors aren't laughing having seen that. (In the words of Wayne Brady, as said during the later seasons of the show: "We get the finest chicks on Whose Line, bro!") Oh, and the stage director gets a nasty surprise at the very end of Gag Reel #2. Was it comedic karma? I'm not sure but everyone was laughing anyway!

Though the first episodes on volume one were still new and a bit tamed, this second volume will guarantee you harder laughs (my cheeks were bruised from all those laughs). Of course, if you're a huge Whose Line fan, the first volume is a must to stock up on your collection. However, if you're a casual fan, who understands the premise(s) of the show and familiar with the performers and the games, I'd say this second volume is the better investment from the first. Only thing left now is I'm unable to rate this higher than five stars. I assure you: the pennies you spend in exchange for timeless fun and laughter is worth it for this DVD.





  • More episodes from the earlier seasons of "Whose Line."
  • "Special Features" includes clips never aired on TV (reasons are obvious).
  • Stephen Colbert makes a guest appearance.
  • None.
100% (A+)
Fan Rating
Title Whose Line Is It Anyway?
Description Make it up. Make it quick. Make it funny. You'll find the makings of great comedy fun in this 2-disc set featuring Season One's final 10 episodes of the hilarious improvisational series.

Drew Carey is host, court jester and provocateur of this collection of unrehearsed and unhinged situations in which talented series stars and guests create weird newscasters (here's a sports report...underwater!), a rap song about an avalanche (comin' at ya — word!), a public-information film about camping (smother those flames!) and much more. Watch. Laugh. Pause. Repeat. Improv your mind with Whose Line Is It Anyway?
ISBN / Bar Code number 1-4198-4464-4
Video Format 1.33:1 (4:3) / Full screen
Audio Format Dolby Digital Surround Stereo
Disc Count Two (2)
Language(s) English
Genre Comedy
Subtitles Español & Français (Episodes only)
Rated Not Rated
Region Region 1 - NTSC
Specification Color
Features [DISC ONE] Show No.113, Show No.119, Show No.120, Show No.114, Show No.118. [SPECIAL FEATURES] Unaired Games: Greatest Hits #1, Whose Line, Let's Make A Date, Sound Effects, Gag Reels #1 [DISC TWO] Show No.121, Show No.116, Show No.115, Show No.110, Show No.109. [SPECIAL FEATURES] Superheroes, Stand Sit & Lie, Questions, Moving People, Greatest Hits #2, Gag Reels #2
Studio ABC (www.abc.com) - Tribune Entertainment
Production Hat Trick Productions
Company Warner Bros. Television - A Time Warner Entertainment Company
Item / Product Number #111224
Closed Captioning Yes
DVD Release October 09, 2007
Run Time 220 minutes
Copyright © 1998, Package Design & Supplementary Material Compilation & © 2006 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
Other Formats ????
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Developed for Television by
Dan Patterson
Mark Leveson

Executive Producers
Drew Carey
Ryan Stiles

Executive Producer
Dan Patterson

Executive Producers
Denise O'Donaghue
Jimmy Mulville

Mark Leveson

Directed by
Arthur Forrest

Produced by
Tom Park

Anne Marie Thorogood

Danny Breen
Dan Cutforth
Maureen Fitzpatrick
Ruth Phillips

Senior Producer
Jeff Cooperman

Hosted by
Drew Carey

Ryan Stiles
Colin Mochrie
Wayne Brady
Greg Proops
Brad Sherwood
Denny Siegel
Ian Gomez
Stephen Colbert

Laura Hall

Production Designer
Bruce Ryan

Lighting Designer
Kieran Healy

Associate Director
Steven Blum

Stage Managers
Keith Richmond
Lionel Max Pasamonte

Production Manager
Eric Wilker

Segment Producer
Jonathan Barry

Program Consultants
Ed Crasnick
Lou DiMaggio
Lance Kinsey
Michael McCarthy

Production Coordinator
Melinda Cote

Material Coordinators
Carrie Havel
Jean Severson

Post Production Coordinator
Jeffrey Wilcox

Art Director
Eric Larson

Ray Miller
Mykola Pawluk

Casting by
Brian Dorfman
Mark Saks, C.S.A

Prop Masters
Alison Sideris
Kristan Andrews

Costume Designer
Julie Rhine

Segment Coordinator
Rabih Ghoulam

Production Staff
Arthur Rasco
Randi Schlachter
Jason Scott
Wes Thomas
James Yarnell

Technical Director
Kenneth R. Shapiro

Audio Mixer
Toby Foster

PA Mixer
Mike Manasa

Audio Assist
Tim Berg
Rob Scott

Camera Operators
Bert Atkinson
Larry Heider
Sam Drummy
Brian Reason
Easter Xua
Brad Zerbst

Video Operator
John O'Brien

Fred Quillen

Engineer in Charge
Dave Maxwell

Lighting Director
Kim Killingsworth

Chris Dale

Prop Assist
Rhachel Shaw

Wardrobe Assistant
Michelle Pershing

Craft Service
Alexia Gerardo

Board Operator
Victor Lopez

Frans Koster
Bob Tully

Michael Johnston
Gianna Mirolla

Max Brehme
Tom Cannon

Damian Salinas

Sherrie Lucas

Music by
Mark Matthews
James Griffith

Videotaped at
Hollywood Center Studios

Post Production Facilities
Complete Post, Inc.

Copyright © 1998-1999 Riverside Productions Inc.


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