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Vidal Gummi Sour Watermelon Slices

An underrated brand of gummies that will make your mouth water. Amazing flavors and the pieces themselves are soft and tender to the chew.

Just because sour gummies are being sold in the marketplace doesn't always mean they're for kids. Although it's a simple snack that'll keep kids good until their next meal, I also feel it'll do the same for adults. Besides, personally for me at least, watermelon is one of my favorite fruits.

Assuming you keep these in room temperature, the gummies are very soft and tender. Your teeth can easily slice through a piece just fine with every bite. The sour content isn't strong and overpowering either, which is great for those who aren't too fond of sour stuff. These are great because when gummies are too tough to chew, it can take a long while for it to digest. This brand, however, the pieces are gentle to your teeth making the chewing process less strenuous.

I don't ever remember seeing this at the larger grocery chains, but as it seems when reviewing food items here at FOODSOTROS!, that's likely to change.

There are times when we don't feel like splurging a huge sum of money over lunch at work/school; There are also times when we don't want to dine on a lunch that's rich in content to the point where we feel sleepy, suffering from food coma. Thus, keep it simple: Grab a bag of these simple and delicious gummies enough to fill you up and finish the rest of your work shift/school hours.

I can't think of anything else to say. It's that good.





  • Lip-smacking gummies that are not too tough on the teeth. Excellent on flavor.
  • None.
100% (A+)
Fan Rating
Brand Vidal
Item Sour Watermelon Slices
Description --
Bar Code Number 8 54929 00439 3
Net Weight 4.5 oz (128g)
Product Number L-H 8024
Serving Size / Tamaño de la Porción 4 pieces / Unidades (38g)
Servings Per Container / Porciones por Envase: 3.5
Calories / Calorias 130
Calories from Fat / Calorias de la Grasa 0
Total Fat / Grasa Total 0g - 0%
Sat Fat / Grasa Sat 0g - 0%
Trans Fat / Grasa Trans 0g
Cholesterol / Colesterol 0mg - 0%
Sodium / Sodio 20mg - 1%
Total Carbohydrate / Total Carbohidratos 31g - 10%
Dietary Fiber / Fibra Dietética 0g - 0%
Sugars / Azúcares 21g
Protein / Proteinas 2g
Vitamin A / Vitamina A 0%
Vitamin C / Vitamina C 0%
Calcium/Calcio 0%
Iron/Hierro 5.2mg - 30%
Gummi. Ingredients: Corn syrup, Sugar, Gelatine; Humectant: Glycerol; Modified corn starch ; Acids: Citric acid, Malic acid; Corn starch; Gelling agent: Pectins; natural and artificial flavor, Color: Yellow 5, Red 40, Blue 1, Titanium dioxide.
Caramelo de goma. Ingredientes: Jarabe de glucosa, Azúcar, Gelatina; Humectante: Glicerina; Almidón de maíz modificado; Acidulante: Ácido citrico, Ácido Málico; Almidón de maíz; Gelificante: Pectinas; aromas, Colorantes: amarillo 5, rojo 40, azul 1,dióxido de titanio.

Keep in a dry and cool place
Conservar en lugar fresco y seco

Best before end / lot:
Consumír preferentemente antes dei fin de / lote :
Made for: VIDAL®

Vidal Candies USA, Inc
845 Third Avenue
New York, NY 10022

In Spain by:
Vidal Golosinas, S.A.

Vidal® is a registered trademark


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